Equation Of Tangents And Normals And Intercession Of Two Circles In Circles Pdf

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equation of tangents and normals and intercession of two circles in circles pdf

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The angle of intersection of the curves y=x^(2), 6y=7-x^(3) at (1, 1), is

By now, we are familiar with writing equations that describe a line in two dimensions. To write an equation for a line, we must know two points on the line, or we must know the direction of the line and at least one point through which the line passes.

In two dimensions, we use the concept of slope to describe the orientation, or direction, of a line. In three dimensions, we describe the direction of a line using a vector parallel to the line.

In this section, we examine how to use equations to describe lines and planes in space. Recall that parallel vectors must have the same or opposite directions. Note that the converse holds as well. By convention, the zero vector 0 0 is considered to be parallel to all vectors. As in two dimensions, we can describe a line in space using a point on the line and the direction of the line, or a parallel vector, which we call the direction vector Figure 2.

Let L L be a line in space passing through point P x 0 , y 0 , z 0. Using vector operations, we can rewrite Equation 2. Equating components, Equation 2. If we solve each of these equations for the component variables x , y , and z , x , y , and z , we get a set of equations in which each variable is defined in terms of the parameter t and that, together, describe the line. This set of three equations forms a set of parametric equations of a line :.

If we solve each of the equations for t t assuming a , b , and c a , b , and c are nonzero, we get a different description of the same line:. Because each expression equals t , they all have the same value. We can set them equal to each other to create symmetric equations of a line :.

If the constants a , b , and c a , b , and c are all nonzero, then L L can be described by the symmetric equation of the line:. The parametric equations of a line are not unique. Using a different parallel vector or a different point on the line leads to a different, equivalent representation. Each set of parametric equations leads to a related set of symmetric equations, so it follows that a symmetric equation of a line is not unique either.

Use either of the given points on the line to complete the parametric equations:. Solve each equation for t t to create the symmetric equation of the line:. In this case, we limit the values of our parameter t. We want to find a vector equation for the line segment between P P and Q. Thus, the vector equation of the line passing through P P and Q Q is. Therefore, the vector equation of the line segment between P P and Q Q is.

Going back to Equation 2. We have. By Equation 2. We already know how to calculate the distance between two points in space. We now expand this definition to describe the distance between a point and a line in space.

Several real-world contexts exist when it is important to be able to calculate these distances. Air travel offers another example. Airlines are concerned about the distances between populated areas and proposed flight paths.

Let L L be a line in the plane and let M M be any point not on the line. We still define the distance as the length of the perpendicular line segment connecting the point to the line. In space, however, there is no clear way to know which point on the line creates such a perpendicular line segment, so we select an arbitrary point on the line and use properties of vectors to calculate the distance. Using a formula from geometry, the area of this parallelogram can also be calculated as the product of its base and height:.

We can use this formula to find a general formula for the distance between a line in space and any point not on the line.

Let L L be a line in space passing through point P P with direction vector v. Therefore, the distance between the point and the line is Figure 2. Given two lines in the two-dimensional plane, the lines are equal, they are parallel but not equal, or they intersect in a single point.

In three dimensions, a fourth case is possible. If two lines in space are not parallel, but do not intersect, then the lines are said to be skew lines Figure 2.

To classify lines as parallel but not equal, equal, intersecting, or skew, we need to know two things: whether the direction vectors are parallel and whether the lines share a point Figure 2. For each pair of lines, determine whether the lines are equal, parallel but not equal, skew, or intersecting. Describe the relationship between the lines with the following parametric equations:.

We know that a line is determined by two points. In other words, for any two distinct points, there is exactly one line that passes through those points, whether in two dimensions or three. Similarly, given any three points that do not all lie on the same line, there is a unique plane that passes through these points.

Just as a line is determined by two points, a plane is determined by three. This may be the simplest way to characterize a plane, but we can use other descriptions as well. For example, given two distinct, intersecting lines, there is exactly one plane containing both lines. A plane is also determined by a line and any point that does not lie on the line. These characterizations arise naturally from the idea that a plane is determined by three points. Perhaps the most surprising characterization of a plane is actually the most useful.

Imagine a pair of orthogonal vectors that share an initial point. Visualize grabbing one of the vectors and twisting it. As you twist, the other vector spins around and sweeps out a plane. Here, we describe that concept mathematically. We say that n n is a normal vector , or perpendicular to the plane. Remember, the dot product of orthogonal vectors is zero.

Rewriting this equation provides additional ways to describe the plane:. The equation. This form of the equation is sometimes called the general form of the equation of a plane. As described earlier in this section, any three points that do not all lie on the same line determine a plane.

Given three such points, we can find an equation for the plane containing these points. To write an equation for a plane, we must find a normal vector for the plane.

We start by identifying two vectors in the plane:. The scalar equations of a plane vary depending on the normal vector and point chosen. Use this point and the given point, 1 , 4 , 3 , 1 , 4 , 3 , to identify a second vector parallel to the plane:. Use the cross product of these vectors to identify a normal vector for the plane:. Find an equation of the plane containing the lines L 1 L 1 and L 2 : L 2 :. Now that we can write an equation for a plane, we can use the equation to find the distance d d between a point P P and the plane.

It is defined as the shortest possible distance from P P to a point on the plane. Just as we find the two-dimensional distance between a point and a line by calculating the length of a line segment perpendicular to the line, we find the three-dimensional distance between a point and a plane by calculating the length of a line segment perpendicular to the plane.

Suppose a plane with normal vector n n passes through point Q. The distance d d from the plane to a point P P not in the plane is given by. Find the component form of the vector from Q to P : Q to P :. Apply the distance formula from Equation 2.

We have discussed the various possible relationships between two lines in two dimensions and three dimensions. When we describe the relationship between two planes in space, we have only two possibilities: the two distinct planes are parallel or they intersect.

When two planes are parallel, their normal vectors are parallel. When two planes intersect, the intersection is a line Figure 2. We can use the equations of the two planes to find parametric equations for the line of intersection. Note that the two planes have nonparallel normals, so the planes intersect. Further, the origin satisfies each equation, so we know the line of intersection passes through the origin.

Add the plane equations so we can eliminate the one of the variables, in this case, y : y :. We substitute this value into the first equation to express y y in terms of z : z :. We now have the first two variables, x x and y , y , in terms of the third variable, z. Now we define z z in terms of t.

In addition to finding the equation of the line of intersection between two planes, we may need to find the angle formed by the intersection of two planes. For example, builders constructing a house need to know the angle where different sections of the roof meet to know whether the roof will look good and drain properly.

We can use normal vectors to calculate the angle between the two planes. We can do this because the angle between the normal vectors is the same as the angle between the planes. Figure 2. We can then use the angle to determine whether two planes are parallel or orthogonal or if they intersect at some other angle.

Determine whether each pair of planes is parallel, orthogonal, or neither.

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Plane Algebraic Curves

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In a detailed and comprehensive introduction to the theory of plane algebraic curves, the authors examine this classical area of mathematics that both figured prominently in ancient Greek studies and remains a source of inspiration and topic of research to this day. As classical objects, curves may be viewed from many angles; this text provides a foundation for the comprehension and exploration of modern work on singularities. In the first chapter one finds many special curves with very attractive geometric presentations — the wealth of illustrations is a distinctive characteristic of this book — and an introduction to projective geometry over the complex numbers.

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By now, we are familiar with writing equations that describe a line in two dimensions. To write an equation for a line, we must know two points on the line, or we must know the direction of the line and at least one point through which the line passes. In two dimensions, we use the concept of slope to describe the orientation, or direction, of a line.

The angle of intersection of the curves y=x^(2), 6y=7-x^(3) at (1, 1), is

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Lacroix and the Calculus

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    (ii) If any two chords OP,OQ of a conic make equal angles with the tangent at OQ' is constant; shew that the locus of O is a conic through the intercessions four points where the tangents cut the axes lie on a circle, the point from which If the normals to an ellipse at A,B,C and D meet in O, find the equation of the.

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    (b) Find a cartesian equation of C. (2). A tangent to the circle, drawn from the point P(8, 17), touches the.