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important government and public sector organisations of india pdf

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Public Sector Innovation

Audit is an instrument, a tool of financial control, which is employed by the public or private sector or an individual to safeguard itself against fraud, extravagance and more importantly to bring credibility to the audited. For sound and effective functioning of government and to ascertain that the benefit of public funds being used, reach the lowest strata of society and to every individual, audit is an indispensable tool. It helps secure accountability of the executive to the Parliament and towards the public in general. The legislature can exercise control over the executives and verify that the public resources have been utilized responsibly, for the purpose intended and funds raised through various sources like taxes reach government fully. There are a few International bodies which recommends agreed upon auditing practices, reports and requirements.

Last Updated on June 24, by Admin. Central public sector enterprises are administered by the ministry of heavy industries and public enterprises. Find here the PSU companies list in India. It Includes all the Maharatna companies, Navratna companies, and Miniratna companies. There are nearly CPSEs central public sector enterprises in total. PSU companies are owned by the union government of India, or one of the many state or territorial governments, or both.

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Important Government and Public Sector Organisations Free Pdf

In this article, we are providing you with the complete list of the important offices and Position Holders of the organization in India and the world. We will suggest you learn these facts thoroughly. Update your app by Clicking Here. Download Gradeup , the best government exam app for Preparation. Balaram Bhattacharyya May 23, Sourav Raj May 24, Sachin Awasthi Aug 25,

In this article we will discuss about the relative role of public sector and private sector in economic development of India. Public sector occupied a worthy place for achieving systematic and planned development in a developing country like India. In a country like India suffering from multi-dimensional problems, private sector is not in a position to make necessary effort for the development of its various sectors simultaneously. Thus, in order to provide the necessary support to the development strategy of the country, the public sector offers the necessary minimum push for bringing the economy to a path of self sustained growth. Thus it is now well recognised that public sector plays a positive role in the industrial development of the country by laying down a sound foundation of industrial structure in the initial stage of its development.

Heads/CEOs of Important Organizations in India & World, Download PDF

India's first satellite Aryabhata, which was launched by the Soviet Union on 3. It is located at Sriharikota,Andhra Pradesh 6. Motto: "Strength's Origin is in Science" 2. Military's research and development organization.

There are many Regulatory Bodies in India and around the world that give structure to the society around you. Almost every sector has its own Regulatory Body. They are known by different names — Regulatory Authorities, Regulatory Agencies or Regulators but they are all public authorities tasked with creating the norms of a particular area of human activity and supervising all the bodies that are employed in that activity. Let us learn about the various Regulatory Bodies in India along with their full forms and headquarters. You can also download this list as PDF for revision.

India's first satellite Aryabhata, which was launched by the Soviet Union on 3. It is located at Sriharikota,Andhra Pradesh 6. Motto: "Strength's Origin is in Science" 2. Military's research and development organization.

20 Important Government and Public Sector Organizations of India

List of National Organizations and their Headquarters

It has a highly profound role in driving optimization and efficiency across all sectors today, including the public and private sectors. Tech-adoption is seen as an investment in keeping the country competitive in an ever-evolving global economy. Reliance on progressive technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, robotics, augmented reality, and machine learning has helped drive sustained growth within the public sector. Few technologies that have been rapidly adopted by the GOI and Public Sector industries today for facilitating the Digital Economy are as follows:. The data thus obtained can be analyzed through the use of AI and analytics techniques. The intelligence collected can offer personalized public services to citizens, derive actionable insights, and help them predict future trends. Blockchain 3.

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The Banks play an important role in the economy of our country like any other country as most of the transactions takes place through the banks. To know more about the banking terms check out the following link. Click here for details on International Firefighters Day. Both have the same meaning. With the announcement made on 30 th August , the number of public sector banks government banks has come down from 27 in to Download Entri app for the latest updated information.

Updated List of Important Regulatory Bodies in India – Get The Complete List Here!

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20 Important Government and Public Sector Organizations of India

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