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Service quality, Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty in 4- and 5-Star Hotels

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This study aimed to explore the impact of restaurant quality on customer satisfaction. Restaurant quality was measured using 11 dimensions related to halal, food, hygiene, menu and atmospheric quality, as well as assurance, accuracy, responsiveness, interior design, external environment and price. The sample consisted of respondents randomly selected from small 70 and large 30 full-service restaurants in Saudi Arabia. A questionnaire containing 33 items was developed based on a review of the literature to collect the required data. Based on the dimensions of restaurant quality selected, 11 hypotheses were proposed, all of which are supported. The findings show that all the restaurant quality dimensions examined have a significant and positive influence on customer satisfaction. Moreover, it can be concluded that halal quality is unquestionably influential as none of the restaurants serve prohibited foods.

Service quality, Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty in 4- and 5-Star Hotels

The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of service quality on customer satisfaction and loyalty and the mediating role of customer satisfaction in the supermarket sector. In total, supermarket customers participated in an intercept survey in four urban centres of Fiji. Descriptive statistics were used to determine the level of service quality provided by supermarkets, and inferential statistics to determine the gap between customer's service quality expectations and perceptions and to test the research hypotheses. The findings indicate service quality of supermarkets is perceived as being unsatisfactory, service quality significantly affects customer satisfaction and loyalty and customer satisfaction partially mediates the relationship between service quality and customer loyalty reducing customer's perceptions of service quality, leading to lower customer loyalty. This study provides an indication as to where supermarkets should target their marketing attention and scarce corporate resources and may help in their efforts to service, satisfy, retain and attract more long-term loyal customers in the increasingly competitive supermarket sector. This research could inform government policy makers in sequencing the supermarket sector transformation and assist local supermarkets to adapt to this changing retail landscape. This study advances our understanding of the effect of service quality on customer satisfaction and loyalty and the mediating role of customer satisfaction in the supermarket sector.

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. DOI: This paper sought to examine the relationship between service quality and customer satisfaction in the utility industry telecom in Ghana The study adapted the SERVQUAL model as the main framework for analyzing service quality. Multiple regression analysis was used to examine the relationships between service quality variables and customer satisfaction. The results showed that all the service quality items were good predictors of customer satisfaction.

This study aimed at investigating the effect of product quality and service quality on customer loyalty through customer satisfaction. This research found that product quality and service quality has significant effect on customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction has a significant effect on brand loyalty. And customer satisfaction act as a mediator between exogenous variables to consumer loyalty. These results indicate that exogenous variables significantly influencing on brand loyalty are product quality and service quality. These results suggest that company should improve product quality and service quality that affect customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Skip to main content.

Service quality, Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty in 4- and 5-Star Hotels

This study proposes a model of the effect of internet banking service quality on e customer satisfaction and e customer satisfaction on e customer loyalty in the banking industry in Indonesia. Based on the technology acceptance model, this study aims to expand the model to better understand why consumers are willing or hesitant to adopt internet banking as a means of financial transactions. The researcher proposes a framework that integrates the factors that affect service quality, customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty.

Quality Glossary Definition: Customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction information, including surveys and ratings, can help a company determine how to best improve or changes its products and services. This applies to industrial firms, retail and wholesale businesses, government bodies, service companies, nonprofit organizations, and every subgroup within an organization. Model of Customer Satisfaction. Customers include anyone the organization supplies with products or services.

The purposes of this study are to examine whether perceived playfulness and perceived flow would mediate the relationships among website quality, customer satisfaction, and purchase intention, as well as to assess the degree of reciprocity between perceived playfulness and perceived flow in an online travel agency context. This study suggested a research framework for testing the relationships among the constructs based on the stimulus-organism-response framework. In addition, this study developed a non-recursive model. After validating the measurement scales, empirical analyses were conducted using structural equation modelling. Notably, this study finds that the service quality is more important than information and system quality in influencing customer satisfaction and purchase intention.

What is Customer Satisfaction?

This report is the outcome of a field research, which aimed to determine the quality of services offered by Sepah Bank, and also to study the relationship between the service quality, satisfaction and loyalty. In this research, the service quality standard model has been used for evaluation of service quality, Gremler and Brown model with some revision was used for evaluating the loyalty, and the instrument offered by Bitner and Hubbert was used for evaluation of customer satisfaction.

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The purpose of the present study was to describe the relationships among service quality, customer trust and customer religious commitment on customer satisfaction and loyalty of Islamic banks in East Java. A predetermined number of samples were taken by the use of a simple random sampling technique. Results indicated that service quality and customer trust of Islamic banks jointly had significant effects on customer satisfaction. Religious commitment had no direct and indirect effect on customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Cambodian Fitness market space nowadays is getting more crowded than ever. Therefore, loyalty to fitness members is very important for business owners. However, overall studies about dimensions and relationships to build customer loyalty in fitness centers is insufficient. The methodology involved the compilation of a literature review and conduction of a quantitative approach.

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