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Code of Ethics

To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Food ethics: a decision making tool for the food industry? Dau Anh. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. It acts as an agent of social change and, consequently, functions as a form of moral agent.

With increasing competitiveness in the food marketplace, the use of developments in science and technology to create new food products, and the distancing of consumers from practical involvement with food, other than eating, many issues arise which must be managed sensitively if the food industry's conduct and place in society is to be seen as morally acceptable and ethically supportable.

These issues are issues of food ethics. Keywords Consumer, ethics, food ethics, food industry, food, morality. The industry as a and fast-food chains. But the industry is not whole has become an agent of social change, amorphous. The moral foundation on panies, for symbiotic promotion when condition- which are built the desires and decisions of the ing young minds has been set as a marketing executives who lead individual food businesses priority.

By its very society's collective understanding of, and regard conduct it risks, and may intend, catalysing social for the industry and the way it is judged. Like change and, consequently, it exists as a kind of most businesses, food businesses exist to interact moral agent.

Early precisely those of the executives in charge. In such a situation few ethical responsible manner. With the introduction of trade they are to survive. It is my belief that tated and inadvertent unethical treatment.

The conduct of the food bread with alum, and the colouring of cheese with industry can be either morally right or wrong and red lead seem to be features of an unprincipled one would hope that it will be morally right for and distant past. But even in a more sophisticated people and good for society. As consumers we can over the latter, but although the conduct of many generally feel secure where illegal activities are food businesses is exemplary we do not live in such concerned, because of the nature of organized a world at present.

The rise of the ethical consumer consumer protection. Where we may come to and increased activity in political and social policy question the conduct of the food industry, and arenas are, however, likely to bring greater pressure businesses that constitute it, is in connection with to bear on the food industry to act in ways which practices which, although lawful, arouse concerns are humanly, socially and environmentally respon- of a moral and ethical nature.

Others, such as Dolan , suggest that consumers and society. Early right or wrong actions. Ethics, Dolan suggests, is rely on the food industry for their daily fare, more to do with the evaluation of what is morally and, indeed, have been encouraged to do so by acceptable conduct. The United Nations recogni- government policies and food industry conduct. If we accept as a moral food industry is taken into account.

As the art of concept the right of people to food which is the possible, science is concerned with what is and adequate to their health and well-being, should we what is not possible. Or, might we consider hazard and risk. Science is value laden, well with concepts of good nutrition.

Just for their existence. The nutrition in the way it exercises ethical caution in its value and safety of the food that makes up our application. As we move of the food it encourages consumers to buy, its into the 21st century science will increasingly be conduct would clearly be open to question.

In my opinion food ethics ought to ation would fall within the scope of applied ethics. Food ethics ments, legislators and professional bodies. Importantly, it is one sciences and environmental science. Modern consumers increasingly consumers, society and the food industry itself.

Technological way of life, reminiscent of preagrarian man. Routinely we seek and to creative manufacturing and packaging tech- select food for immediate consumption from the niques and ingenious methods of preservation. The willingness with ralleled in history. A choose-and-eat lifestyle free from the exploitation of international sources of food the burden of food handling and cooking appears materials and food products has become the norm, to be emerging. The traditional and historic place particularly for the largest businesses, and food of food in our lives is diminishing and this change products are transported from all over the world is captured by Thompson , p.

In the past the common experience of metaphors of refuelling at the pump, and pleasing people was to learn how to grow food and prepare the senses as one might at a concert or museum. People Nearly gone is the spirit of raising food and eating owned the skills involved in the production and it as an act of communion with some larger harvesting of food materials and their conversion whole'. Our relationship with food is changing. As society has developed the For some it is changing rapidly.

But are the number of people involved in food production and changes good for people? The food Global inequities industry has brought, and continues to bring, new concepts in food and the traditional stereotypes in To some people supermarkets are temples to the food and food consumption on which society has god of consumerism, to others they represent a been built are now constantly being challenged. The passage of time through the day, the Whatever one's opinion, supermarkets provide strength of family unity and reverence for the food unequivocal evidence of the industriousness of the on the table have all been marked by the meal.

Early food marketplace. We must also developing countries. With the and causes adverse environmental impacts. Every day, Third World produce injustices. Singer b, pp. Perhaps the greatest indicator of providing consumers with a sense of service and the inequalities and injustices found in the rela- variety. They are also important to the competit- tionship between Western and Third World coun- iveness and global ambitions of the leading tries is the extent to which overweight and obesity supermarket chains.

But is this trade ethically have become major public health issues in the west. As an optic for judging right conduct In the USA some deaths occur each year and making morally valid decisions, food ethics because of obesity Weaver, , p.

Although obesity is often linked actions. When we survey the vast range of food to the lack of exercise, this is not the entire cause. If available to Western consumers we are forced to people consume more food than is required to meet ask whether it is all needed. For instance, would their daily energy needs their weight will increase. This is in part because of determine the conduct of supermarkets appear to the food policies of Western governments keeping be driven by utilitarianism.

Supermarkets appar- food prices low. But is the happi- countries where production costs are very low. In ness of consumers really the prime motivator for a consumer society the function of people is to supermarkets? Could it be that supermarket plans consume. The use of tries. As with other sectors of the consumer Third World food sources brings to Western marketplace conspicuous consumption has become consumers increased variety and the opportunity a feature of the Western food market.

Here the to punctuate the diet with exotic foods. At face value increased con- the need for ethical review in this instance is very sumer demand for foods from the Third World great. Early ses use to ensure their products sell the most? But whatever a food business might hope to encourage consumers to eat, there will always be a Whatever strategy a food business employs, the physical limit. At one time adding food businesses.

Some food businesses can value to basic raw materials was mainly a domestic encourage increased consumption of their prod- function. An acknowledged aim of some snack food home. For the past quarter of a century the McLoughlin, , pp. It is also a method which raises ethical ing a market for added-value, convenience foods questions, for is it right to add drugs to food for and ready-meals. Whether economic and social the purpose of causing increased consumption? But should not to question.

Not all sectors of the food industry eat them. The days when people needed to know can exploit the devices of snack food manufactur- how to choose foods to create a balanced diet, and ers.

Other factors become important. The appeal how to buy, store, manage, prepare and cook food to pester power Hardcastle, , pp. As strategies involve new product development and the added-value food product market has been organic business growth. Some food businesses, developed it has seemed, in some ways, as it particularly the largest, place great importance on consumers are being given into the hands of the growth through acquisition and the elimination of food industry.

The changing relationship of people competition by takeover, which means that con- with their food and their growing dependency on sumers may eventually only be able to buy some the food industry raises many questions about kinds of product from one or two suppliers.

What then becomes of consumers' freedom of It also raises questions about consumers' practical choice? Early the sophisticated marketing and advertising tech- idea is analogous with take-away foods and on the niques used to reach and convince consumers.

It eliminates There would appear to be much scope for ethical the need for cooking, enabling consumers to buy analysis here. But are there dangers in such developments? Home-meal-replacement: further separating Might HMR further separate consumers from consumers from food? One made and what they will be made from.

Ethics, technology and adaptation: consumer behavior and sustainable food system

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Philosophical food ethics or deliberative inquiry into the moral norms for production, distribution and consumption of food is contrasted with food ethics as an international social movement aimed at reforming the global food system. The latter yields an activist orientation that can become embroiled in self-defeating impotency when the complexity and internal contradictions of the food system are more fully appreciated. However, recent work in intersectionality offers resources that are useful to both philosophical and activist food ethics. For activists, intersectionality provides a way to preserve and strengthen the meaningfulness of protest and resistance, even in the face of complexity and uncertain outcomes. For philosophers, intersectionality chastens the tendency to regard moral problems as inherently solvable, and provides a way use tensions inherent in food system reform as a source of ethical insight. Philosophical food ethics is a deliberative inquiry into the normative dimensions—the reasons and rationales—of food.

Food, Ethics, and Society

Burgess, S. Personal values and consumer research: An historical perspective. Research in marketing, 11 1 , De Pelsmacker, P.

NEW111H1: Food, Ethics and Sustainability

Download a printable copy [PDF]: 8. Preamble Members of the Society of Professional Journalists believe that public enlightenment is the forerunner of justice and the foundation of democracy. Ethical journalism strives to ensure the free exchange of information that is accurate, fair and thorough.

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The Emergence of Food Ethics

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