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parts of a loom and their functions pdf

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Weaving looms can range from quite simple to very complex. Looms have been used to produce cloth for thousands of years, and while technology has improved the loom, the basic strategies and practices remain much the same. Understanding the parts of the loom can help you learn to weave or simply learn a bit more about how weaving works.

A novel mechanism for the elimination of false selvedge in rapier looms was successfully designed and developed, which functions to grip the protruding weft ends after each pick insertion during the weaving process, with subsequent cutting and suction of the protruding ends. The task is otherwise, presently performed by the formation of dummy or false selvedges in the fabric, requiring additional yarn other than that required for the actual fabric. A significant amount of yarn is wasted to form false selvedges, as they are removed and disposed as hard waste post weaving, which consequently increases the cost of fabric and narrows the profit margins. The developed mechanism was successfully installed and commissioned on an indigenous rapier loom leading to a reduction in the amount of hard waste otherwise generated, without affecting the normal functioning of the loom and the weaving process. The amount of reduction in hard waste was estimated and the quality of fabric manufactured before and after the installation was tested and analyzed.


There are different parts of a loom. All these together take part in making a complete fabric. So all parts are important here. Here is a list of all important parts of a loom with their functions and application. Located at the rear of the loom on that with the warp yarns. This is the frame consisting of variety of wires of heddles. So, every heddle consists an eye fixed through that one or additional warp yarns passes.

A chronological overview of the historical facts of the art of hand weaving, with an emphasis on the development of large and complex patterns is provided. The development of looms or weaving machines through history for weaving fabric with large patterns is described. Hand weaving complex patterns from primitive weaving on frames to more complex weaving with two weavers operating one loom was especially explored. The beginning of Jacquard weaving and its application even to the electronic Jacquard looms has been emphasized. An analysis of the development of patterned fabrics with multiple effects was carried out. The analysis was conducted according to patterns using the shortened version of drawing a sample. The most accurate way to highlight the contours of the points of the transition of one effect into another, namely by shifting warp and weft interlacing points on the edges of each pattern opposing thread float , is described.

Parts and functions of loom, Loom mechanism.ppt

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Here are some different types of weaving looms and tips on how to choose your first loom. Long Thread Editorial Staff Apr 24, - 9 min read. Looms hold lengthwise threads taut while other threads are woven through them crosswise. There are several different types of weaving looms with different features, but at their essence all of them perform this basic task. Once you understand the weaving process, it's easier to recognize the different types of weaving looms, you need to better understand the weaving process. The threads that are held taut on a loom are called the warp, and the threads that cross the warp are called weft. During the weaving process, the weaver lifts or lowers some of the warp threads to form an opening called a shed.

Loom Machine or device for weaving Interlacing two sets of yarns Loom is to hold the warp threads under tension to facilitate the interweaving of the weft threads. Primary Shedding: separating the warp threads Done with Tappets, Dobby, Jacquard Picking: passing the weft thread Beating-up: pushing the newly inserted length of weft to the fell. Secondary Warp control or let-off : this motion delivers warp to the weaving area Cloth control or take-up : this motion withdraws fabrics from the weaving area. Open navigation menu. Close suggestions Search Search. User Settings. Skip carousel.

Different parts of a Loom

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Types of Weaving Looms

A loom is a device used to weave cloth and tapestry. The basic purpose of any loom is to hold the warp threads under tension to facilitate the interweaving of the weft threads. The precise shape of the loom and its mechanics may vary, but the basic function is the same. The word "loom" is derived from the Old English geloma , formed from ge- perfective prefix and loma , a root of unknown origin; this meant a utensil, tool, or machine of any kind.

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every heddle consists an eye fixed through that one or additional warp yarns passes. The harness is that the necessary a part of the loom because it has upward or.

Parts and functions of loom, Loom mechanism.ppt

Different parts of a loom

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Weaving Complex Patterns — From Weaving Looms to Weaving Machines

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