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corrosion of aluminum and aluminum alloys davis pdf

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Examination of the wreckage of a light aircraft revealed that approximately 20 cm was missing from one tip of the aluminum alloy propeller.

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In this study, the microstructural characterization during processing of a thick wall extruded AA tube was carried out. Several complementary techniques for microstructural characterization were used, such as polarized light optical microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy, backscattered electron diffraction, X-ray diffraction, hardness and electrical conductivity measurements. The main characteristics of the grains and precipitates were analyzed. During extrusion, the initial grain size was reduced to about one-fifth of the initial diameter and the elongated phase, probably a-Al Fe,Mn Si, was fractured and redistributed and the resulting fragments were aligned in the extrusion direction. A peripheral coarse grain zone was detected and analyzed near the outer and inner surfaces of the tube. Aluminum alloy is a precipitation hardened alloy of the Al-Si-Mg system, containing about 2. In addition to Si 0.

Intergranular corrosion of a light aircraft aluminum alloy propeller

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Time Dependent Development of Aluminium Pitting Corrosion

In recent days, an automotive monocoque structure undergoes corrosion because of changes in environmental conditions. Surface regions were observed using optical microscopy, and the potentiodynamic corrosion test was performed under a 3. Then, the surface morphology analysis of corroded samples and their structural properties were also investigated through scanning electron microscopy SEM , X-ray diffraction XRD and electron dispersive spectroscopy EDS. Through FSP, an improved interface between the reinforced particles and the AA base matrix was observed because of the severe plastic deformation.

The pretreatments were based on typical conversion coating processes. Samples included alkalinecleaned, deoxidized, and conversion-coated. The conversion coatings included chromate and cerium-based conversion coatings.

Time Dependent Development of Aluminium Pitting Corrosion

The recent increased interest in the various applications of superhydrophobic surfaces necessitates investigating ways of how this property can be enhanced further. Thus, this study investigated how superhydrophobic properties can be enhanced through the formation of anodic alumina nanostructures on aluminum alloy. A multistep anodizing process that alternates two different anodizing modes, mild anodization MA and hard anodization HA , with an intermediate pore-widening PW process was employed.

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