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However, I'm running into a "Out of local stack" error. Is automated and digitized ballot processing inherently more dangerous than manual pencil and paper?

The monkey is in the room. The ceiling hung a bunch of bananas for monkeys to reach. However, there is also a chair and a stick. The ceiling just at the correct height so that a monkey standing on a chair could knock the bananas with a stick. Monkey is able to move around, carry other things around, reach for bananas, and wave a stick in the air.

SYNTAX AND MEANING OF PROLOG PROGRAMS 2.5 Example: monkey and banana

Schwarcz, John F. Burger, Robert F. Year: The latter contains a description of Protosynthex, which is a language designed to be used for question answering tasks.

I've also included the paper, where the code can also be read from pages This event or simulation could have instead easily been written by declaring a climbing tree instead of a box, but for whatever reason a human made object is declared as the means or tool for reaching the bananas. This seems very unnatural, as if an animal is being observed and tested in an experiment environment in order to collect evidence or to prove something.

Of course, the actual purpose of this code is to prove or demonstrate what types of question answering experiments can be conducted using Protosynthex III. However, this in itself does not explain why a linguistic and AI experiment is performed as an event or simulation set up in a minimal, controlled environment designed to test if a monkey will reach its food.

I therefore find it curious that the emerging field of AI in the s would reproduce controversial forms of experimentation as seen in biology and psychology in its models. Perhaps you can see other readings? The monkey gets the bananas if he reaches them, and he can reach them if he stands on an elevated object under them and reaches for them; the monkey stands on the box, which is an elevated-object, and reaches for the bananas, and so if the box is under the bananas the monkey has succeeded in reaching them; the box is under the bananas if it is lower than they, which it is, and also at the bananas; the box is at the bananas if some animal has moved it to the bananas--which of course the monkey has done; therefore, the monkey reaches the bananas.

The question-answerer follows just this reasoning path in answering the question though in terms, of course, of the formal concept structure ; the recombination of subgoal answers into an answer to the question is shown by the trace of STOGOAL in the Appendix.

Tkacz What a fascinating example, pointing to the curious researchers of the s. This does look very LISP-y. I found an McCarthy's example here. The citation is "Situations, Actions, and Causal Laws. I wonder if the problem appears anywhere before this one? The first example we shall consider is a situation in which a monkey is in a room where a bunch of bananas it hanging from the ceiling too high to reach. In the corner of the room is a box, and the solution to the monkey's problem is to move the box under the bananas and climb onto the box from which the bananas can be reached.

We want to describe the situation in such a way that it follows from our axioms and the description that the monkey can get the bananas, In this memorandum we shall not discuss the heuristic problem of how monkeys do or even might solve the problem. Specifically, we shall prove that. That is followed by a passage that breaks down the logical inferences and deductions of the problem in symbolic form.

Perhaps one of these sources offers an earlier source: These are cribbed from the end of McCarthy's article, copied from the PDF, so may have some errors.

I would take a look at these articles next to try to get a sense of where this problem was framed prior, assuming it was. I did not find any references to monkeys in the text by McCarthy. There don't seem to be any monkeys in Minsky either, although he does begin with a visitor from another planet, who would be "puzzled" by our anxiety about and low regard for our the mechanical brains we've created.

Could the monkey problem be a popular formulation in the realms of logic? Or did he just pull this one from popular culture notions of behavioral animal experimentations. I see from the first pdf you posted, Lesia.

This language is new to me, but it looks like a dialect of LISP developed for natural language parsing. Perhaps a monkey in a contained environment makes a good protagonist for box-world type parsing, like the robot in SHRDLU. BTW, the Jean Sammet book is amazing and I regularly throw it in my bag to look through on my commute. Tkacz said: I therefore find it curious that the emerging field of AI in the s would reproduce controversial forms of experimentation as seen in biology and psychology in its models.

I believe that the "monkey gets banana indirectly" experimental forms that shapes Protosynthex III, Example 3 does have an earlier referent.

While Schwarcz et al. Yet the specific form of the monkey-box-banana intelligence test seems to actually trace to Yerkes' work in , and in particular the "Box Stacking Experiment" test from The Mental Life of Monkeys and Apes: A Study of Ideational Behavior [ 1 ]. This involved a cage with bananas suspended from the ceiling and two boxes -- one large, one small -- that the ape subject a Bornean orangutan named Julius had to not just move one box, but stack the two boxes in order to reach the bananas.

One of the fascinating things about the writeup by Yerkes p is that it documents both the many attempts made by Julius and a brief comparison test done on a 3-year old human child who failed to reach the bananas. It makes fascinating reading because there is so much going on in the testing other than deducing a correct sequence of steps manipulating the physical environment, including especially communication and modeling behavior. For example, it is clear that the human child and the orangutan both 'ideate' a solution to the problem fairly quickly, and it is a social solution: they each lead the tall scientist-observer by the hand to the middle of the cage and request that the observer retrieve the bananas.

Julius additionally requests that the observer stand still and serve as a ladder. The observer notes these requests, but declines -- and declines to record them as correct ideational behavior. Yerkes includes numerous photographic plates and diagrams.

So this question, " how can an intelligence perform a multistage task? Frithjof Nungesser in "Mead Meets Tomasello" The Timeliness of George Herbert Mead p, "From an evolutionary perspective, it may appear odd that there are hardly any primates in Mead's argument. After all, already Darwin emphasized the extraordinary similarities between human and nonhuman primates. Yet, one has to keep in mind that the first pertinent psychological studies of monkeys and apes were published in and , respectively.

The footage attributed to Kohler is also found excerpted in TV specials and documentaries online, e. Thanks markcmarino! I was only able to get hold of the first page of Prior, and only a review of von Wright - no monkey mentions in either from what I could see. I was however able to find a copy of Freudenthal, which stood out from the other two because it describes the LINCOS international or should I say interplanetary auxiliary language. This is a language designed to be radio transmitted and understood by alien species.

The first transmission is supposed to start off by indicating numbers, then arithmetic, and then increasingly complex types of logic. However, there are no references to monkeys in the book cited. I was able to ask an older faculty member in the Computer Science department if they had ever come across a 'monkey theme' in logic examples, but no luck there either. Thanks Temkin! I was hoping to find a list of microworlds to see if any remind me of animal experimentation, but I haven't come across one yet.

On twitter, James Ryan also associated 'There is a Monkey' with microworlds:. I searched for 'prolog monkey' in a search engine and got several results back with phrases along the lines of ''monkey-banana problem" from Stack Overflow and other code snippet and help sites.

For example, on this particular Stack Exchange thread it is referred to as The monkey-banana problem, and also a monkey and banana problem. Here, the monkey and banana problem is presented as already being an established theme in early AI. If the uncited statement below is accurate, then it may suggest that by the late s monkey and banana senarios could have become a convention in AI programming examples:. This is a core issue in AI and becomes increasingly important as we begin to apply AI techniques to real problems.

The vehicle used for discussion in this ' paper is the classic "Monkey and Bananas" problem. It is a simple, well-known problem which can be extended naturally to include many of the basic issues we wish to address. Wow, thanks for this very in-depth find and reading, jeremydouglass! The detail you mention about the observer declining to record social solutions as correct behavior really highlights the fact that they do not have total control over the situation, despite wanting to play out their own specific version of it.

It almost seems as if the observer actually needs the Protosynthex III version of the senario, where the world is artificially empty, social solutions are very literally omitted, and control is total. CCS Working Group Howdy, Stranger!

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February in Code Critiques. February edited February I wanted to begin by monkeying with the research. A little leg work might shed some light.

I: The Monkey can get the Bananas The first example we shall consider is a situation in which a monkey is in a room where a bunch of bananas it hanging from the ceiling too high to reach. Specifically, we shall prove that canult monkey, has monkey, bananas. February Sign In or Register to comment. Powered by Vanilla.

Monkey’s Revenge: Coordinate Geometry Learning Environment with Game-Like Elements

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Feldman, ) to show how artificial intelligence problems can be attacked by methods paper is the classic "Monkey and Bananas" problem. It is a simple.

Monkey Banana Prob

Educational games intend to make learning more enjoyable, but at the potential cost of compromising learning efficiency. Therefore, instead of creating educational games, we have created a learning environment with game-like elements: the elements of games that are engaging. Our approach is to assess each game-like element in terms of benefits such as enhancing engagement as well as its costs such as sensory or working memory overload, with the goal of maximizing both engagement and learning.

★ Monkey and banana problem

★ Monkey and banana problem

Inside the room at the middle a banana is hanging from the ceiling and there is box at the window which can be used by monkey to grasp the banana. Monkey is allowed following actions. Walk on the floor 2. Climb the box 3. Push the box around if it is already at the box 4.

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