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King of the Hill is another animation hit for Beavis and Butthead creator Mike Judge, who also voices the starring character Hank Hill, a propane gas salesman in the fictional town Arlen, Texas. Hank is often besieged by the idiosyncrasies of society, but he finds some serenity in his home-life with his wife, substitute Spanish teacher Peggy, his awkward son Bobby and his live-in niece-in-law Luanne Platter. Adding flavor to the ordinary dish the series serves are Hank's friends, divorcee military barber Bill Dauterive, paranoid Dale Gribble with an obsession with Government conspiracy theories and gibberish spouting Boomhauer.

Both shorts originally aired as part of Liquid Television and did not include music videos. Beavis and Butt-head play baseball with an unsuspecting frog, leading to the utter demise of the smashed amphibian.

The patriarch of a dysfunctional family is arrested, and his only sane son is forced to save the family business. The Bluth family consists of George, Sr. Eldest son Gob is a magician, though he prefers the term illusionist. Lindsay spends most of her time as an activist. Tobias is a psychiatrist who has lost his license for giving CPR to a man who was not having a heart attack.

Ricky Gervais

More info about this movie on IMDb. Screenplays for You - free movie scripts and screenplays. About Links. The property is surrounded by high stone walls, and the stately grounds are bathed in floodlights and patrolled by armed guards with dogs.

A formal- dress party is in progress Tuxedoes men escort their diamond-encrusted ladies through the huge front doors, where they doff their overcoats and are politely scanned with hand-held metal detectors by white gloved security staffers. The walled perimeter of the house runs along the lake, forming a kind of rampart. There is an opening, to a kind of waterway or canal, which connects to the private docks inside the grounds. There is a steel grating across the opening.

The bars disappear down into the thin ice of early winter. One bar has already been cut out. Two quick cuts and a second bar falls to the muddy bottom. Lit now only from the floodlights filtering down through the ice, the figure slips through the bars and swims powerfully along the stone canal wall. Seem from below, the figure is a black shadow moving against the rippled-glass of the ice above. There is a faint chipping sound.

The ice breaks quietly, and the pieces are slid back. A head appears, in a rubber drysuit hood. Our hero. Harry floats with just his eyes above the surface, silent as a water snake, as a guard passes on a footpath nearby. After a few beats Harry slips out of his tanks and fins, letting them sink, and climbs the frozen ladder onto the dock.

He moves like a ninja into the shadows of the boathouse. Gib answers Harry via his headset. GIB Roger that. Get your butt in here. Harry's inside. They are parked on a winding mountain road a half-mile from the chateau, whose lights are visible through the trees. Faisil jumps in and goes to the eyepiece of a huge telephoto nightvision scope. The eerie green image lurches as he sweeps the grounds, locating the boathouse.

Underneath is he is wearing black tux pants, suspenders, cummerbund and a formal shirt. He puts a tiny plug, like a hearing aid, deep in his ear canal. Very advanced. Gib, you copy? You're on the air.

Harry slips into his shoulder harness He slips on a formal jacket, concealing the rig. Then a final touch. A little aftershave from a tiny plastic vial. Harry adjusts his bow-tie and strides confidently out of the shadows, crossing quickly to the main house. He looks ultrasharp in his black tux with the white silk cummerbund and his hair slicked back. He enters the main house through a back service entrance. The kitchen staff are scurrying around, too busy to really notice.

He finger-tastes a dish as he passes. He breezes through unchallenged, exiting into the-- 8 INT. Harry blends smoothly into the crowd of foreign dignitaries, businessman and minor mid- east nobility. They are a high-octane mixture of new oil money and old European money, and run the spectrum from stodgy bankers to playboy arms dealers.

Harry strolls amiably among the glittering woman, the cigar smoking men, casually snagging a glass of champagne and a canape from the passing waiters. He nods to someone as if he knows them. Greets another is quite fluent Arabic. People in his wake look at each other like "Do you know him? Harry moves through the crowd. He is fat and animated, greeting guests with a flourish.

The woman glances up and sees Harry checking her out. There is a frank moment of returned interest. Then the crowd shifts, cutting off their view of each other. Beautiful antiques glint in the moonlight coming in the French-doors. Harry crosses to an immense desk and boots up the computer there. He connects it quickly to the modem port in the back of the computer. He pushes a button and a green light comes on. We are in.

His fingers fly on the keyboard as he types rapid key commands. We see familiar "windows appear". The words are all in Arabic characters. This is going to take me a few minutes.

Seeing the coast is clear Harry slips out. Harry turns smoothly. He smiles sheepishly and moves toward the guard. I have to take a major leak. The guard points warily down the corridor. Harry nods and heads that way, back toward the party. He is sipping champagne and looking bored. He sees two security guys moving purposefully through the crowd toward the stairs, walkies in their hands. He turns away as they pass him and pretends to study a large fragment of bas-relief He senses someone next to him and turns.

Hi, I'm Juno Skinner. I thought I knew most of Khaled's friends but I don't believe I know you. Harry offers his hand to her. Harry Renquist. He scans rapidly for-- GIB Skinner. Come on Gib finds the entry he's looking for. Juno's picture and data appear on the screen. GIB Juno Skinner. Art and antiquities dealer, specializing in ancient Persia. JUNO Very good. It's sixth century B. Do you like the period? He calls to one of the other guards, who comes running over.

Guards are swarming all over the dock. Harry glances up the stairs. Harry turns smoothly away from them and takes Juno's arm. He steers her toward the dance floor. He looks through the night- vision scope. Guards are running around outside the chateau. Harry's stirred up the hornet's nest. Faisil is still jamming at the keyboard. I'm in. I'm down, baby. I got my hand up her dress and I'm going for the gold.

I'm-- GIB Just copy the goddamn files!

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After seeing the short, MTV signed Judge to develop the short into a full series. During its initial run, Beavis and Butt-Head received widespread critical acclaim, particularly for its satirical, scathing commentary on society. It was also a subject of controversy for its violent content. A theatrical feature-length film based on the series titled Beavis and Butt-Head Do America was released in by Paramount Pictures. Fourteen years following the end of the series, the series was revived for an eighth season airing from October 27 to December 29,

Published in Jan. David X. Cohen is Executive Producer of the critically-acclaimed animated series Futurama, and also spent five years as a writer for The Simpsons. He has won four Emmy Awards and four Annie Awards. This interview first appeared on Wired. Visit geeksguideshow.

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He was Born in Bronxville, N. Crane also became a professor at his alma mater, the School of Visual Arts, and taught classical animation for 15 years.

More info about this movie on IMDb. Screenplays for You - free movie scripts and screenplays. About Links. The property is surrounded by high stone walls, and the stately grounds are bathed in floodlights and patrolled by armed guards with dogs.

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 Очень умно, Грег. - Там подают отличный карпаччо.  - Хейл улыбнулся.  - Что скажешь. А потом мы могли бы… - Выкинь это из головы.

King of the Hill

 В Севилью - по делам? - настаивал Ролдан. Ясно, конечно, что это никакой не полицейский, это Клиент с большой буквы.  - Дайте мне угадать: наш номер вам дал приятель.

Во рту у него был фонарик в виде авторучки, в руке - паяльник, а на животе лежала большая схема компьютера. Он только что установил новый комплект аттенюаторов на неисправную материнскую плату, когда внезапно ожил его мобильный. - Проклятие! - выругался он, потянувшись к телефону сквозь сплетение проводов.  - Джабба слушает.

Он понимал: выбраться из шифровалки ему удастся, только если он пустит в ход все навыки поведения в конфликтных ситуациях, которые приобрел на военной службе. Стратмор придвинулся ближе, держа беретту в вытянутой руке прямо перед. - Как ты узнал про черный ход.

Подойдя к тяжелой стеклянной двери, Стратмор еле слышно чертыхнулся. Кнопочная панель Третьего узла погасла, двери были закрыты. - Черт возьми. Я совсем забыл, что электричество вырубилось.

У нас вирус. Я звоню Джаббе. Когда он попытался обойти Стратмора, тот преградил ему дорогу.

Она снова начала нажимать кнопки и снова услышала за дверью этот же звук. И вдруг Сьюзан увидела, что кнопка вызова вовсе не мертва, а просто покрыта слоем черной сажи. Она вдруг начала светиться под кончиком пальца.

От изумления у Джаббы глаза вылезли на лоб. Похоже, она от меня не отвяжется. И он решил не реагировать на сообщение. ГЛАВА 79 Стратмор спрятал пейджер в карман и, посмотрев в сторону Третьего узла, протянул руку, чтобы вести Сьюзан за .

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 Может. - Мы должны позвонить ему и проверить. - Мидж, он же заместитель директора, - застонал Бринкерхофф.  - Я уверен, у него все под контролем.

Увидев тело Хейла, Стратмор вздрогнул от ужаса. - О Боже! - воскликнул.  - Что случилось. ГЛАВА 93 Причастие.

Doug Crane, ‘Spider-Man’ and ‘Beavis and Butt-Head’ Animator, Dies at 85

Скажи мне, что происходит. Сьюзан прищурилась.


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