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Schematic represents virus-induced host immune system response and viral processing within target cells. Proposed targets of select repurposed and investigational products are noted.

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Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment

Medical diagnosis abbreviated Dx [1] or D S is the process of determining which disease or condition explains a person's symptoms and signs. It is most often referred to as diagnosis with the medical context being implicit. The information required for diagnosis is typically collected from a history and physical examination of the person seeking medical care.

Often, one or more diagnostic procedures , such as medical tests , are also done during the process. Sometimes posthumous diagnosis is considered a kind of medical diagnosis.

Diagnosis is often challenging, because many signs and symptoms are nonspecific. For example, redness of the skin erythema , by itself, is a sign of many disorders and thus does not tell the healthcare professional what is wrong.

Thus differential diagnosis , in which several possible explanations are compared and contrasted, must be performed. This involves the correlation of various pieces of information followed by the recognition and differentiation of patterns. Occasionally the process is made easy by a sign or symptom or a group of several that is pathognomonic. Diagnosis is a major component of the procedure of a doctor's visit.

From the point of view of statistics , the diagnostic procedure involves classification tests. A diagnosis, in the sense of diagnostic procedure, can be regarded as an attempt at classification of an individual's condition into separate and distinct categories that allow medical decisions about treatment and prognosis to be made.

Subsequently, a diagnostic opinion is often described in terms of a disease or other condition. In the case of a wrong diagnosis, however, the individual's actual disease or condition is not the same as the individual's diagnosis. A diagnostic procedure may be performed by various healthcare professionals such as a physician , physiotherapist , dentist , podiatrist , optometrist , nurse practitioner , healthcare scientist or physician assistant. This article uses diagnostician as any of these person categories.

A diagnostic procedure as well as the opinion reached thereby does not necessarily involve elucidation of the etiology of the diseases or conditions of interest, that is, what caused the disease or condition. Such elucidation can be useful to optimize treatment, further specify the prognosis or prevent recurrence of the disease or condition in the future. The initial task is to detect a medical indication to perform a diagnostic procedure.

Indications include:. Even during an already ongoing diagnostic procedure, there can be an indication to perform another, separate, diagnostic procedure for another, potentially concomitant, disease or condition. This may occur as a result of an incidental finding of a sign unrelated to the parameter of interest, such as can occur in comprehensive tests such as radiological studies like magnetic resonance imaging or blood test panels that also include blood tests that are not relevant for the ongoing diagnosis.

General components which are present in a diagnostic procedure in most of the various available methods include:. There are a number of methods or techniques that can be used in a diagnostic procedure, including performing a differential diagnosis or following medical algorithms.

The method of differential diagnosis is based on finding as many candidate diseases or conditions as possible that can possibly cause the signs or symptoms, followed by a process of elimination or at least of rendering the entries more or less probable by further medical tests and other processing, aiming to reach the point where only one candidate disease or condition remains as probable. The final result may also remain a list of possible conditions, ranked in order of probability or severity.

Such a list is often generated by computer-aided diagnosis systems. The resultant diagnostic opinion by this method can be regarded more or less as a diagnosis of exclusion. Even if it does not result in a single probable disease or condition, it can at least rule out any imminently life-threatening conditions.

Unless the provider is certain of the condition present, further medical tests, such as medical imaging, are performed or scheduled in part to confirm or disprove the diagnosis but also to document the patient's status and keep the patient's medical history up to date. If unexpected findings are made during this process, the initial hypothesis may be ruled out and the provider must then consider other hypotheses.

In a pattern recognition method the provider uses experience to recognize a pattern of clinical characteristics. This may be the primary method used in cases where diseases are "obvious", or the provider's experience may enable him or her to recognize the condition quickly. Theoretically, a certain pattern of signs or symptoms can be directly associated with a certain therapy, even without a definite decision regarding what is the actual disease, but such a compromise carries a substantial risk of missing a diagnosis which actually has a different therapy so it may be limited to cases where no diagnosis can be made.

The term diagnostic criteria designates the specific combination of signs and symptoms , and test results that the clinician uses to attempt to determine the correct diagnosis. Some examples of diagnostic criteria, also known as clinical case definitions , are:. Clinical decision support systems are interactive computer programs designed to assist health professionals with decision-making tasks.

The clinician interacts with the software utilizing both the clinician's knowledge and the software to make a better analysis of the patients data than either human or software could make on their own. Typically the system makes suggestions for the clinician to look through and the clinician picks useful information and removes erroneous suggestions. Overdiagnosis is the diagnosis of "disease" that will never cause symptoms or death during a patient's lifetime.

Overdiagnosis occurs when a disease is diagnosed correctly, but the diagnosis is irrelevant. A correct diagnosis may be irrelevant because treatment for the disease is not available, not needed, or not wanted.

Most people will experience at least one diagnostic error in their lifetime, according to a report by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. Causes and factors of error in diagnosis are: [14]. When making a medical diagnosis, a lag time is a delay in time until a step towards diagnosis of a disease or condition is made.

Types of lag times are mainly:. The first recorded examples of medical diagnosis are found in the writings of Imhotep — BC in ancient Egypt the Edwin Smith Papyrus. Medical diagnosis or the actual process of making a diagnosis is a cognitive process. A clinician uses several sources of data and puts the pieces of the puzzle together to make a diagnostic impression. The initial diagnostic impression can be a broad term describing a category of diseases instead of a specific disease or condition.

After the initial diagnostic impression, the clinician obtains follow up tests and procedures to get more data to support or reject the original diagnosis and will attempt to narrow it down to a more specific level.

Diagnostic procedures are the specific tools that the clinicians use to narrow the diagnostic possibilities. The plural of diagnosis is diagnoses. The verb is to diagnose, and a person who diagnoses is called a diagnostician. Diagnosis can take many forms. It might be a management-naming or prognosis-naming exercise.

It may indicate either degree of abnormality on a continuum or kind of abnormality in a classification. It's influenced by non-medical factors such as power, ethics and financial incentives for patient or doctor.

It can be a brief summation or an extensive formulation, even taking the form of a story or metaphor. It might be a means of communication such as a computer code through which it triggers payment, prescription, notification, information or advice. It might be pathogenic or salutogenic. It's generally uncertain and provisional. Once a diagnostic opinion has been reached, the provider is able to propose a management plan, which will include treatment as well as plans for follow-up.

From this point on, in addition to treating the patient's condition, the provider can educate the patient about the etiology , progression, prognosis , other outcomes, and possible treatments of her or his ailments, as well as providing advice for maintaining health. A treatment plan is proposed which may include therapy and follow-up consultations and tests to monitor the condition and the progress of the treatment, if needed, usually according to the medical guidelines provided by the medical field on the treatment of the particular illness.

Relevant information should be added to the medical record of the patient. A failure to respond to treatments that would normally work may indicate a need for review of the diagnosis. Signs and symptoms Symptom Syndrome. Medical diagnosis Differential diagnosis Prognosis.

Disease Eponymous disease Acronym or abbreviation. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Process to determine or identify a disease or disorder, which would account for a person's symptoms and signs. Main article: Differential diagnosis.

Main article: Clinical case definition. Main article: Overdiagnosis. Further information: Medical error. Main article: History of medical diagnosis. Main article: Wiktionary:Diagnosis. In Mengel, Mark B. New York, N.

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Osteoporosis: Diagnosis, Treatment and Fracture Prevention

Osteoporosis OP is a significant risk factor for fragility fracture. There are two tools available to calculate year fracture risk. The CAROC paper-based risk table takes into account age, sex, fracture history and glucocorticoid use to determine a ten-year absolute risk of all osteoporotic fractures but BMD is required to calculate risk. Over and above the risk of OP, other clinical factors predict those at increased risk of fracture, including: 4. Algorithm 1: Recommendations for evaluation and management of osteoporotic and fragility fracture risk.

Medical Books William Zinsser. Like to Get Update New Book. TreeLife Media a division of Kothari Medical TreeLife Media is a one of a kind new-age-publishing house that has the unique gift of starting with over 75 years of medical legacy — thanks to the experience of Kothari Medical. Logbooks are extremely important in support of documenting a wide variety of activities. Edwin Smith papyrus, c. Medical School Bundle by Subjects

Stephen J. McPhee, Maxine A. Papadakis, editors. ISBN: Paperback The annual review by medical specialists and reprint of Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment ensures that the clinical findings and treatment information, as well as the provided references, are comprehensive and up to date.

2009 Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment

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Medical diagnosis abbreviated Dx [1] or D S is the process of determining which disease or condition explains a person's symptoms and signs. It is most often referred to as diagnosis with the medical context being implicit. The information required for diagnosis is typically collected from a history and physical examination of the person seeking medical care.

Medical diagnosis

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McPhee, Maxine A. Papadakis, editors. Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment. McGraw Hill Lange: New York. ISBN: (Paperback)

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General Internal Medicine

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