Advantages And Disadvantages Of Non Conventional Sources Of Energy Pdf

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advantages and disadvantages of non conventional sources of energy pdf

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Geothermal Energy is a sustainable and renewable energy source that is still largely untapped.

In recent years, calls for a stalwart shift toward renewable non-conventional natural resources as sources of energy have increased. Potential players in the renewable non-conventional energy sector include solar, wind, algae, geothermal, nuclear, hydropower and ocean tidal or wave alternatives. While these non-conventional options show promise, they have their drawbacks. For a number of these non-conventional energy sources, the weather, atmospheric conditions and the environment have to cooperate for harnessing their energy. Wind might be in short supply for wind turbines, or cloud cover might interfere with solar energy collection.

Minerals and Power Resources

Vedantu academic counsellor will be calling you shortly for your Online Counselling session. Non Renewable Energy. Bookmark added to your notes. Advantages and Disadvantages of Non Renewable Energy. Non- removable energy is the resource that cannot be replaced or is replaced slowly and gradually by only natural processes. The energies that would be referred to as non-renewable energy are fossil fuels like coal, gas, and oils. The fossil fuels take millions of years to form as they are created by the remains of dead cells of plants and animals.

Pros and Cons of 10 Types of Energy

ABSTRACT: The sources of energy which are exhaustible and being produced continuously in nature are called nonconventional energy or renewable sources of energy. Some of these sources include solar energy, wind energy and tidal energy. The conventional energy sources are basically based on fossil fuels which have finite reserves in nature and hence would extinct in future. Since the development and progress of mankind are closely related to energy sources, many countries throughout the world have engaged themselves in searching and developing non-conventional energy sources that would be very essential to sustain the life cycle of human being. Energy is the primary and most universal measure of all kinds work by human beings and nature. Everything what happens the world is the expression of flow of energy in one of its forms.

Login Now. Mining coal, searching for oil, and building drills and pipes to extract and transport natural gas, are all very time consuming processes. This energy takes a lot of effort to get hold of! Burning coal, oil and natural gas releases large amounts of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide which are major contributors to global warming. These chemicals destroy the ozone layer, make the oceans acidic and saturated with carbon, and make the air more difficult for animals to breathe and plants to flourish in. It is called the greenhouse effect because it makes the atmosphere like a giant warm greenhouse. Burning fossil fuels releases oxides including sulfur oxide which cause rain to become acidic.

Advantages and disadvantages of renewable energy

Different methods of generating electricity have advantages and disadvantages. Power stations fuelled by fossil fuels or nuclear fuels are reliable sources of energy. This means they can provide power whenever it is needed. However, their start-up times vary according to the type of fuel used.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Geothermal Energy?

Renewable sources are renewable, sustainable, abundant and environmentally friendly. Unlike fossil fuels, they are not going to expire soon as they are constantly replenished. These countries have responded to the threat by stepping up campaigns to embrace renewable forms of energy like solar and wind.

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Non-conventional Energy Sources in Indian’s Perspective

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