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Bone, the material that makes vertebrates distinct from other animals, has evolved over several hundred million years to become a remarkable tissue. Bone is a material that has the same strength as cast iron, but achieves this while remaining as light as wood. The front leg of a horse can withstand the loads generated while this pound animal travels at 30 miles per hour.

From birth to early adolescence, the majority of our bone marrow is red marrow. As we grow and mature, increasing amounts of red marrow are replaced by yellow marrow. Bone marrow is separated into a vascular section and non-vascular sections.

Biology of Bone Tissue: Structure, Function, and Factors That Influence Bone Cells

Bone marrow is the soft, spongy tissue that is located in the medullary cavities centers of certain large bones. Healthy bone marrow is an essential part of the body, as it contains stem cells that produce blood cells and the cells that make up the immune system. The stem cells contained in the bone marrow can mature into several different kinds of cells, each of which has its own vital functions within the body. There are two types of bone marrow — red bone marrow myeloid tissue and yellow bone marrow fatty tissue. Red bone marrow is primarily found in the medullary cavity of flat bones such as the sternum and pelvic girdle.

Bone marrow is found in the medullary cavities — the centres of bones. The bone marrow is where circulating blood cells are produced — a process known as haematopoiesis. Bone marrow undergoing haematopoiesis is coloured red due to the presence of red blood cells, whereas bone marrow that is not undergoing haematopoiesis is yellow. The red marrow consists of long trabeculae beam-like structures within a sponge-like reticular framework. Spaces around this framework are filled with fat cells, stromal fibroblasts and blood cell precursors. A healthy bone marrow biopsy is shown in Figure 1.

Bone Marrow

Bone tissue is continuously remodeled through the concerted actions of bone cells, which include bone resorption by osteoclasts and bone formation by osteoblasts, whereas osteocytes act as mechanosensors and orchestrators of the bone remodeling process. This process is under the control of local e. An imbalance between bone resorption and formation can result in bone diseases including osteoporosis. Recently, it has been recognized that, during bone remodeling, there are an intricate communication among bone cells. For instance, the coupling from bone resorption to bone formation is achieved by interaction between osteoclasts and osteoblasts.

Bone marrow is a semi-solid tissue found within the spongy or cancellous portions of bones. In adult humans, bone marrow is primarily located in the ribs , vertebrae , sternum , and bones of the pelvis. Human marrow produces approximately billion blood cells per day, which join the systemic circulation via permeable vasculature sinusoids within the medullary cavity. Bone marrow transplants can be conducted to treat severe diseases of the bone marrow, including certain forms of cancer such as leukemia. Several types of stem cells are related to bone marrow.

The bone marrow, one of the largest organs in the body, is situated in the cavities of the spongy bone and is composed of (1) blood vessels and nerves, (2).

Bones: All you need to know

The bones of the skeletal system serve many important functions for the body, from giving your body support to allowing you to move. They also play an important role in blood cell production and fat storage. Bone marrow is the spongy or viscous tissue that fills the inside of your bones.

Bones are more than just the scaffolding that holds the body together.

BioMed Research International

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What Is Bone Marrow?

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What Is Bone Marrow, and What Does It Do?


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