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Prisoners of war during the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971

He graduated with a bacherlor degree in English literature and later obtained master's degrees' in English Literature and international relations from Islamia College in After college graduation, he taught British literature in various colleges in Lahore as visiting professor while working as an associate editor for the Associated Press. Niazi signed to concede the defeat and was flown to Calcutta to be imprisoned in the military barracks alongside with Niazi and Admiral Sharif. About the war prisoners, Major Salik reportedly maintained that the most of the war prisoners were given thought that in mere two-to-three months, they will be repatriated back to Pakistan via trains to Wagha checkpoint and ships Karachi port. Under the population transfer agreement signed between India , Pakistan , and Bangladesh , Major Salik returned to Pakistan when he was repatriated by Indian Army to Pakistan Army in

Make Your Own List. Texts about military strategy take us back into the mists of time but what it is, and what the nature of war is, remains hotly debated. Interview by Sophie Roell. Dipping into these books in preparation for meeting you today, there seems to be quite a lot of ink devoted to deciding what military strategy is. What is it?

A History of the Pakistan Army: Wars and Insurrections

The Pakistani prisoners of war during the Indo-Pakistani War of were the servicemen deployed in the Eastern Command of the Pakistan armed forces who were held in by the Indian Army. Pakistan's Yahya administration conveyed their intentions to retreat from their eastern wing to the United Nations on 10 December , [2] and a formal surrender was submitted and accepted when the Commander of Eastern Command and Governor of East Pakistan, Lieutenant-General A. The surrender ultimately culminated in the conclusion of liberation efforts in East as India accepts the unilateral ceasefire to end its war efforts in the western theatre on 17 December Due to the concern of their safety and wellbeing, the war prisoners were transported via train and air , where they were held in the war camps by the Indian Army in different parts of India. The overwhelming majority of war prisoners were officers, most of them were in the Army and Navy , while relatively small number of Air Force and Marines ; others in larger number were being served in the paramilitary. Ragostra, the war prisoners were actually more of liability than leverage since it became India's responsibility to protect and feed the prisoners that were in great numbers. After conceding defeat and accession of the instrument of surrender in , the Indian Army took the responsibility to protect the Pakistan's joint servicemen in East-Pakistan.

The India-Pakistan confrontation is well known to be recounted here. India has always been a land of seekers and explorers, where noble saints and sages advocated that the human body itself is made up of five fundamental elements Afghanistan has been deeply entrenched in conflict over the past 40 years with an inconclusive stance to establish peace. COVID pandemic is creating an insurmountable headwind for Afghanistan amid heightened conflict to obscure the prospect of the war-torn country. The on-going peace talks between the Taliban and the News reports indicate that both countries have been holding back-channel talks for the last An unexpected and sudden announcement merely 24 hours prior to the eve of the second anniversary of the Balakot air strike that had brought two nuclear neighbours to the brink of war has brought cheers on the both sides of the Line of Control LOC.

A History of the Pakistan Army

This book successfully clarifies and tests prominent efforts among scholars of military sociology and foreign policy to theorize about the interplay of militarization, militarism and war. Two general propositions about militarization, concerning its pernicious effects on war proneness and cognitive bias, are confirmed. Authoritative case studies on Pakistan, India, Israel, Egypt, Iran and Iraq bring a wealth of evidence to bear on the questions at hand.

The fact that such a book was not written by a Pakistani soldier or a civilian scholar does not paint a very bright picture about the state of history writing,or to be more specific military history writing in Pakistan. Brian Cloughley has the singular advantage of having served for a relatively long period in Pakistan as a UN Official and as a military attache. In addition he is also a soldier and thus his perception of military affairs is different from a scholar who is a civilian and thus suffers from certain limitations which can only be overcome by extraordinary analytical ability and painstaking hard research. Brian Cloughley has made an honest attempt to present things as they are or as he percieved them to be with whatever facts he could lay hands to and the result is a relatively significant work on Pakistani military history with reference to on ground military performance of the Pakistan Army in three Indo Pak wars.

Dying to Serve: Militarism, Affect, and the Politics of Sacrifice in the Pakistan Army

By Maria Rashid. The Pakistan Army is a uniquely powerful and influential institution, with vast landholdings and resources. It has deep roots in the colonial armed forces and relies heavily on certain regions to supply its soldiers, especially parts of rural Punjab, where men have served in the army for generations. These men, their wives and mothers, and the military culture surrounding them are the focus of Maria Rashid's Dying to Serve , which innovatively and sensitively addresses the question: how does the military thrive when so much of its work results in injury, debility, and death? Taking ritual commemorations of fallen soldiers as one critical site of study, Rashid argues that these "spectacles of mourning" are careful manipulations of affect, gendered and structured by the military to reinforce its omnipotence in the lives of its subjects.

Anglo-Afghan Wars , also called Afghan Wars , three conflicts —42; —80; in which Great Britain , from its base in India , sought to extend its control over neighbouring Afghanistan and to oppose Russian influence there. The Afghans, however, would tolerate neither a foreign occupation nor a king imposed on them by a foreign power, and insurrections broke out. He was deported to India with most of his family.

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Militarization and War

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