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First Part: Man. A Human Life. Men of the Old Time and the New.

Max Stirner

Max Stirner — is the author of Der Einzige und sein Eigenthum Stirner was born Johann Caspar Schmidt on 25 October , the only child of lower middle class Lutheran parents living in Bayreuth. His father died when Stirner was only six months old, and he was brought up by his mother who subsequently remarried and then later, when his mother moved from Bayreuth, by an aunt who looked after him in order that he could continue his schooling at the renowned local Gymnasium. At Berlin, he is known to have attended three lecture-series given by G. In , he returned with his mother to Berlin, and sought, with qualified success, to train as a teacher. A period of private study and irregular work followed, including eighteenth months working unpaid as an Latin teacher.

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The Ego and Its Own

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He serves no higher person, and satisfies only himself. His cause is – a purely egoistic cause. How is it with mankind, whose cause we are to make our own? Is its.

The Ego and Its Own

Although his 'individualist anarchism' has been largely repudiated today, Max Stirner was an important Young Hegelian thinker and contemporary of Marx. His major work, The Ego and its Own , has been a significant point of reference in the anarchist tradition. His imaginative - and often amusing - visions of future The Kony debacle has been well covered

Internet Archive Page. Download M4B MB. In this book, his most famous, Max Stirner presents a philosophical case for a radical egoism that shuns the socially-oriented outlooks of both "establishment" ideologies and of revolutionaries in favor of an extreme individualism. The book is most widely talked about today only through the lens of other philosophers' thought: Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels launched a famous assault on it in The German Ideology, and some draw a connection between Stirner's thoughts here and Nietzsche's egoism a generation later.

Max Stirner

The ego and its own - Max Stirner

It presents a post-Hegelian critique of Christianity and traditional morality on one hand; and on the other, humanism , utilitarianism , liberalism , and much of the then-burgeoning socialist movement, advocating instead an amoral although importantly not inherently immoral or antisocial egoism. It is considered a major influence on the development of anarchism , existentialism , nihilism , and postmodernism. In , John F.

Access options available:. The old necessity forced upon students of Leibniz to search for needles in the enormous haystacks of his writings is destined to end. One year later, they had finished a long and hectic reply to this anarchist classic, The German Ideology.

This book is usually known as The Ego and Its Own in English, but a The historical impact of The Ego and Its Own is sometimes difficult to assess, but Stirner's Preview the PDF version of this entry at the Friends of the SEP.

Max Stirner on the Path of Doubt examines Stirner's incisive criticism of his contemporaries during the period from the death of Hegel, in , to the German Revolution. The central doctrine of this school, that Mankind was its own Savior, was initiated in by the theologian, David F. Although linked to it, Max Stirner was the most relentless and feared critic of this school. Lawrence S.

Although his 'individualist anarchism' has been largely repudiated today, Max Stirner was an important Young Hegelian thinker and contemporary of Marx. His major work, The Ego and its Own , has been a significant point of reference in the anarchist tradition. Paul Mattick Jr. The libcom library contains nearly 20, articles.

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The ego and its own - Max Stirner

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