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By PlanetTogether. This enables operations to be able to have global reach that easily is scalable to an ever-growing demand and the need for quick delivery times.

Shipping and logistics operations are an essential part of any business. But when a company gets bigger, the complexity and scope of these important supply chain steps can become overwhelming. Third-party logistics 3PL companies can help your business in a multitude of ways, but there are trade-offs to consider. Weighing the third party logistics advantages and disadvantages will help you decide the best way to grow your business.

6 Key Benefits of Third-Party Logistics (3PL) in Supply Chain Management

Third-party logistics abbreviated as 3PL , or TPL in logistics and supply chain management is an organization's use of third-party businesses to outsource elements of its distribution , warehousing, and fulfillment services. Third-party logistics providers typically specialize in integrated operations of warehousing and transportation services that can be scaled and customized to customers' needs, based on market conditions, to meet the demands and delivery service requirements for their products. Services often extend beyond logistics to include value-added services related to the production or procurement of goods, such as services that integrate parts of the supply chain. As of , 80 percent of all Fortune companies and 96 percent of Fortune used some form of 3PL services. Hertz and Alfredsson describe four categories of 3PL providers: [3]. Outsourcing may involve a subset of an operation's logistics, leaving some products or operating steps untouched because the in-house logistics is able to do the work better or cheaper than an external provider. The provider has to fit to the structures and the requirements of the company.

Companies that have operations in many different locations know how important it is to create a good logistical infrastructure. Simply put, they need to ensure that all their facilities deliver various products that they need while making sure that they are delivered on time. Even though some companies choose to have their own logistical operations, there are those that outsource logistical tasks to third party logistics providers. However, this model has both its fair share of upsides and downsides. Third party logistics are your source for specialized logistics services. Here are a few benefits you can expect to experience:.

Working with a 3PL provider is a partnership and must be treated as such rather than as a transactional relationship. It could be to expand customer base, venture into new markets, or create positive consumer experiences, but more and more businesses — big and small — are looking for external support and expertise to run their supply chain more efficiently and gain competitive advantage. They will likely have exclusive relationships within the logistics sector, greater influence during negotiations, and will also be able to offer greater volume discounts to clients. All of this can minimize overhead costs. By partnering with a 3PL firm in supply chain management, you can also save on making huge infrastructure investments as it can provide transportation, warehouse space, staff and tracking technology, among other things. A 3PL provider will have knowledge and experience in matters such as transport documentation, import and export, international compliance and economic regulations, for instance. Businesses looking to expand into international markets can benefit from the logistics support and know-how that their partner can provide, thereby reducing costly delays, cutting down the cycle time, and making the entry into a new region smoother.

3PL (Third-Party Logistics) Pros, Cons, Use Cases

In recent years the competitive global market has a big influence in growing for external business for raising the logistics companies, this is kind of developing a competitive advantage to their competitors. One of the key and strategic elements to be more successful is the outsourcing the logistics or transportations to the Third Party Logistics 3PL provider. According to the Knemeyer and Murphy Third Party Logistic 3PL companies could be called as logistics outsourcing or agreement logistics. In the other words 3PL Third party logistics provider is an employing an external company for the warehousing, transportation, inventory management and other value added activities for customer services. Third party logistics provide to the organizations competitive advantage for increasing the importance of improving their performance of delivering services to the customers in logistics activities. Many companies for creation their supply chain to be more efficiently they are outsourcing their logistics activities to Third Party Logistics 3PL provider. Furthermore, the organizations make an efficient decision in whole supply chain to outsource their logistics operations to the Third Party Logistics 3PL , that decision makes company to focus in their main business activities.

Third-party logistics

As businesses have continued to expand their presence overseas in an effort to find faster international growth, their supply chains have also grown increasingly complex. Handling large and complex supply chains is often quite costly and burdensome for businesses. Developing and managing large and international supply chain networks, on the one hand, requires a large capital investment, on the other, it also needs strong physical infrastructure.

Third-party logistics

What is 3PL?

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3PL (Third-Party Logistics) Pros, Cons, Use Cases

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