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normalization and denormalization in sql pdf

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Normalization is a database design technique that reduces data redundancy and eliminates undesirable characteristics like Insertion, Update and Deletion Anomalies. Normalization rules divides larger tables into smaller tables and links them using relationships. The purpose of Normalization in SQL is to eliminate redundant repetitive data and ensure data is stored logically.

What is Normalization? 1NF, 2NF, 3NF, BCNF Database Example

Database normalization is the process of structuring a database , usually a relational database , in accordance with a series of so-called normal forms in order to reduce data redundancy and improve data integrity. It was first proposed by Edgar F. Codd as part of his relational model. Normalization entails organizing the columns attributes and tables relations of a database to ensure that their dependencies are properly enforced by database integrity constraints. It is accomplished by applying some formal rules either by a process of synthesis creating a new database design or decomposition improving an existing database design. A basic objective of the first normal form defined by Codd in was to permit data to be queried and manipulated using a "universal data sub-language" grounded in first-order logic. When an attempt is made to modify update, insert into, or delete from a relation, the following undesirable side-effects may arise in relations that have not been sufficiently normalized:.

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Denormalization is a database optimization technique in which we add redundant data to one or more tables. This can help us avoid costly joins in a relational database. Note that denormalization does not mean not doing normalization. It is an optimization technique that is applied after doing normalization. In a traditional normalized database, we store data in separate logical tables and attempt to minimize redundant data. We may strive to have only one copy of each piece of data in database.

De-normalization in Database

We have seen how to design a database and how to have normalized tables in database. The main purpose of having clear design and normalization of tables is to reduce redundancy and to have consistent data in the database. Hence we will have multiple tables in the database and each will be mapped with one another by referential integrity. If we need any related data we would join the related tables and get the records. This will work fine and quick if the database is small and have relatively few records. But in real world, the database is very huge and it will have lots of records.

Database Denormalization

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Database Denormalization

Types of Normal Forms

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    The result of a SQL query is a relation. That's what you should be mapping, not your base tables! When mapping base tables, you end up trying to.