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shipbroking and chartering practice business of shipping pdf

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Book Language All English German. Bulk Carrier Practice - a practical guide Author Capt.

Click Here To Download Now. Note: This list on top 10 shipbroking and chartering books is in no particular order.

Free delivery on qualified orders. Shipbroking and Chartering Practice. Evi Plomaritou.

Shipbroking and Chartering Practice

This site is like a library, Use search box in … chartering solutions overview Our Chartering Solutions provide customers with seamless and tailor-made global shipping services, that stretch way beyond existing liner routes. A term or definition mentioned herein does not necessarily reflect the meaning… Chartering Procedure 1. Chartering Agent — Shipbroker that acts on behalf of a charterer in the negotiations leading to the chartering of a ship. Shipping terms list and Chartering abbreviations: charter words glossary, chartering terms definitions, frequently used chartering acronyms. Shipping industry StudsPlanet. It provides hands-on, commercially-focused explanations of chartering business and invaluable advice on how the shipping market operates across a broad range of topics. Charterparty CP — A contractual agreement between a shipowner and a charterer stipulating all the terms and conditions for the hire of a ship or the space in a ship.

This ninth edition of one of the most popular titles on the shipping business is deservedly considered the remarkably comprehensive book clearly explaining and analyzing the maritime transportation as well as the relating industries, including both international and domestic shipping. The content is particularly recommended to the newcomers to the field of maritime shipping business in need to get to the better understanding of the essential operations, regulatory framework, movement of goods; note that it will also serve as a great source of reference to the professionals switching from one industry segment to another. It is a good choice for the marine shipping education since it provides students with all necessary information. The content is up to date and reflects all latest developments. Since the time of its initial publication in , the title has been treated as a genuine industry standard. The author of the volume has taken a deep dive into the industry, providing the thorough analysis of the different sectors, highlighting the interactions between all stakeholders. The specific information can be found in the relevant chapters of the book so the book is recommended to literally all people involved in the industry.

Chartering (shipping)

This new edition has been fully revised and updated to reflect the current trends in chartering practice, legal developments and standard forms of charterparties. New to this edition: Enriched with practical examples covering crucial aspects of chartering and shipbroking business, such as voyage estimations, freight conversions and tanker mwfe. New to this edition: Enriched with practical examples covering crucial aspects of chartering and shipbroking business, such as voyage estimations, freight conversions and tanker calculations. Charter market --Charter rates and the state of the freight market --Chartering information --Chartering business and ship management --Chartering policy and marketing strategy --Sales contract, carriage of gods by sea and bill of landing --Chartering forms --Chartering routines --Basic legal knowledge on charterparties --Common charterparty. It provides hands-on. Contents: The freight market --The state of the market --Shipowning conditions and market activities --Information channels --Marketing --Sales contract, carriage and bill of lading --Charter forms --Freight calculations --Chartering routines --General legal points of view -. This series provides a basic knowledge of the law and economics of international shipbroking and chartering in a practical way which enables the principles described to be applied in every day situations.

Top 10 ShipBroking and Chartering Books

Freight risk Deadfreight Payment of freight Brokerage Security for payment of freight Loading and discharging -r Allocation of costs Securing and lashing of cargo Laytime Arrived ship Notices, notice time and readiness Time allowed Fixed time Time nokfixed Reversible time Crude oil washing COW and disposal of residues Time counting and exceptions Once on demurrage, always on demurrage Demurrage and damages for detention Payment of demurrage Despatch money Influence of other clauses several charterer's Routines and allocation of costs ETA notices Allocation of costs Harbour dues Freight taxes. Strike clauses Agents Cesser and lien Is the cesser clause justified and valid? Exercising of lien Collecting by owners from receivers Cargo liability Owners' liability for cargo when both a voyage charterparty and a bill of lading are involved Liability as against cargo owners Cargo retention clauses Redress Damage to the vessel CHAPTER Terminology Charterer's point of view Owner's point of view Definition of contract of affreightment Examples Characteristics and definition of the contract of affreightment Legislation The. Gencon Appendix II.

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. DOI: The 6th Edition has been thoroughly revised to take account of chartering practices, cases and standard forms that have surfaced since the last edition, providing an excellent commentary.

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Shipbroking And Chartering Practice Lloyds Practical Shipping Guides

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