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ethiopian demographic and health survey 2016 pdf

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Healthcare use for childhood illness reduces the risk of under-five deaths from common preventable diseases.

Demographic and Health Survey 2016

Anemia among children is a global public health problem. The burden is high in developing countries including Ethiopia. Although there are some studies about anemia among children, there is a dearth of information about factors associated with anemia in Ethiopia. Therefore, this analysis was performed to identify factors associated with anemia among children aged 6—59 months in Ethiopia. The EDHS selected the participants using a two-stage stratified cluster sampling technique. A total of 8, children aged 6—59 months were included for this analysis. Both descriptive and logistic regression analyses were performed using Stata version

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HIV counseling and testing are key to control and prevent the spread of the virus and improve the lives of people living with HIV. This coverage is low to achieve the goal. Identifying factors associated with low utilization of HIV testing and counseling services among young females aged 15 to 24 years is important to identify the barriers and improve uptake. Therefore, this analysis was done to identify factors associated with low utilization of HIV counseling and testing services among young Ethiopian women. The study used the Ethiopian demographic and health survey data.

The 2016 Ethiopia Demographic and Health Survey (2016 EDHS)

Working children in Egypt : results of the national child labour survey. What we do. Departments and Offices. About the ILO.

Metrics details. Besides, the presence of national law, the country has to set up its own mid-term and long term goals to bring about a significant reduction in child marriages in Ethiopia. As my search concerned, there is no study conducted on the spatial distribution of early marriage in Ethiopia. Determining the spatial distribution of early marriage and factors associated is important for government, other concerned bodies, program implementers, and policy developers to end up early childhood marriage.

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Child Labour Statistics

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