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PDF book 1: English tenses exercises. PDF book 2: English grammar exercises.

We use some and any with uncountable nouns and plural nouns. We can also use any in positive sentences which have a negative meaning.

Compare the following sentences: - I saw seven deer when riding my bike in the forest yesterday. It is important that you know how many deer I saw. I don't know exactly how many deer I saw. Or: It is not important that you know exactly how many deer I saw. I got some nice presents for Christmas this year.

Countable and uncountable nouns 1

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Peter has bought. SOME: 1. Some or any? Hope your students find it useful! However, some and any need not stand directly before the noun.

We use some and any with uncountable nouns and plural nouns. The general rule is that you use “some” in positive sentences and “any” in negative sentences​.

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We can use other with singular uncountable nouns and with plural nouns:. The embassy website has general information about visas. Other travel information can be obtained by calling the freephone number. Some music calms people; other music has the opposite effect.

Nouns in the English language are grouped into two categories: countable and uncountable nouns. Their usage in sentences is different. In this article, we will explore more details about countable and uncountable nouns, their definition, rules, examples, lists, and worksheets. Countable nouns are the nouns that can be counted.

Skip to main content. I'm making a cup of tea. There's some money on the table. Have we got any bread? How many chairs do we need?

Some, any: difference and how to use

Some and any are used to state the quantity, amount of something.

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The differences between some and any , and also, much , many , and a lot , often cause difficulties for learners. These are examples of quantifiers. Although the rules are not complicated, there are a number of exceptions that can cause confusion. In this article, we will look at the rules for some and any and see examples to illustrate the differences and potential errors in use. This article looks at the basic usage of these words and so learners should appreciate that there are other ways that they are also used. For a more complete explanation, you should look up quantifiers. The general rule is that any is used for questions and negatives while some is used for positive.

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For many learners, the use of some and any presents a challenge. Although they learn the rules at an early stage, many students can still find this area of.

Grammar Rules: Some and Any

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Any/some - worksheets

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    Remember, usually both 'some' and 'any' can only be used with plural countable nouns or uncountable nouns, but not usually with singular countable nouns. We usually use 'some' with affirmative (positive) sentences and 'any' with negatives and questions: • She bought some tomatoes [positive sentence].