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Zanotti Fragonara, P. Morantz, R.

Modal analysis is the study of the dynamic properties of systems in the frequency domain. Examples would include measuring the vibration of a car's body when it is attached to a shaker , or the noise pattern in a room when excited by a loudspeaker. Modern day experimental modal analysis systems are composed of 1 sensors such as transducers typically accelerometers , load cells , or non contact via a Laser vibrometer , or stereophotogrammetric cameras 2 data acquisition system and an analog-to-digital converter front end to digitize analog instrumentation signals and 3 host PC personal computer to view the data and analyze it. Classically this was done with a SIMO single-input, multiple-output approach, that is, one excitation point, and then the response is measured at many other points.

Theoretical and Experimental Modal Analysis

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Modal analysis of the data obtained from structural testing, provides us with a definitive description of the response of a structure, which can be evaluated against design specifications. It also enables us to construct a powerful tool, the modal model, with which we can investigate the effects of structural modifications or predict how the structure will perform under changed operating conditions. A simplified definition of modal analysis can be made by comparing it to frequency analysis. In frequency analysis, a complex signal is resolved into a set of simple sine waves with individual frequency and amplitude parameters. In modal analysis, a complex deflection pattern of a vibrating structure is resolved into a set of simple mode shapes with individual frequency and damping parameters. Most structures vibrate.

The paper deals with the theoretical and practical aspects that are necessary for identifying of modal parameters of the gear wheel as a component of the planetary gear mechanism, which are basic for the dynamic analysis. The paper presents thematically integrated part of the results of numerical and experimental modal analysis conducted on a particular gear wheel. The paper aimed to create experimental and computational model and subsequent verification of selected theories in defining the modal parameters, comparing results obtained numerical and experimental modal analysis and assessment of dynamic characteristics of the component with respect to its operating conditions. Experimental measurements have shown that the values of natural frequencies along with the natural shapes are adequate and that no natural frequency is not the same or close to the gear frequency, so the component can be used in the real practice. November MM Science Journal, November

Theory of Modal Analysis

Key elastic properties of full-sized wood composite panels WCPs must be accurately determined not only for safety, but also serviceability demands. In this study, the modal parameters of full-sized WCPs supported on four nodes were analyzed for determining the modulus of elasticity E in both major and minor axes, as well as the in-plane shear modulus of panels by using a vibration testing method. The experimental modal analysis was conducted on three full-sized medium-density fiberboard MDF and three full-sized particleboard PB panels of three different thicknesses 12, 15, and 18 mm. The natural frequencies and mode shapes of the first nine modes of vibration were determined. Results from experimental modal testing were compared with the results of a theoretical modal analysis.

Abstract Experimental modal analysis EMA is an accepted methodology for identifying modal parameters of complex system assemblies, but large channel counts and multiple references are usually required to perform a thorough modal survey of such structures. In these cases, modal testing can become very costly and time consuming. Moreover, success in accurately defining all the modes of interest from experimental data depends on a variety of factors, including how and where the excitation is applied, how and where measurement data is acquired, and how boundary conditions or other environmental conditions are simulated. This presentation suggest a methodology for virtual experimental modal analysis VEMA. Experimental modal analysis has grown steadily in popularity since the advent of the digital FFT spectrum analyser in the early s. Today, impact testing or bump testing has become widespread as a fast and economical means of finding the modes of vibration of a machine or structure.

Experimental modal analysis is the process to determine the modal parameters in the form of natural frequency, mode shape, and damping. This.

Modal analysis

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Model Order Reduction Techniques pp Cite as. As shown in the preceding chapter, the motion of a dynamic structure or system may be represented by a set of simultaneous differential equations using some discretization scheme, such as the finite element method, if necessary. The dynamic characteristics dynamic responses, strains, stresses, etc.

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