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This section considers the types of methods that are used in health promotion practice. This includes an overview of health promotion planning models to develop and quality assure effective interventions; settings-based health promotion and community participation and community development approaches. Working in collaboration with other sectors is covered in Section 4 - Health Promotion and Intersectoral working.


Green that can help health program planners, policy makers and other evaluators, analyze situations and design health programs efficiently. It guides planners through a process that starts with desired outcomes and then works backwards in the causal chain to identify a mix of strategies for achieving those objectives. In this framework, health behavior is regarded as being influenced by both individual and environmental factors, and hence has two distinct parts. The systematic use of the framework in a series of clinical and field trials confirmed the utility and predictive validity of the model as a planning tool. Reinforcing factors include factors that reward or reinforce the desired behavior change, including social support, economic rewards, and changing social norms. Enabling factors are skills or physical factors such as availability and accessibility of resources, or services that facilitate achievement of motivation to change behavior.


Canadian Psychology 52 2 A mix of approaches helps to provide the best support and guidance to individuals, groups and. Emphasizes use of physiological, psychological, developmental, cultural, and environmental theories for health promotion, disease prevention, and nursing therapeutics. Health promotion is defined as ways of allowing individuals to enhance control over their health as well as to improve it as defined by WHO, Strengths-based approaches concentrate on the inherent strengths of individuals, families, groups and organisations, deploying personal strengths to aid recovery and empowerment. The evidence indicates that nutrition promotion programmes using the HPS approach can increase participants' consumption of high-fibre foods Since the mids a whole-school approach, embodied by the health-promoting school HPS model, is increasingly being endorsed as an. This model highlights the interplay between physiological, behavioural and wider determinants of health.

This model has worked well for many health promotion topics, and can effectively support one-time interventions or long-running programs. When determining whether to use PRECEDE-PROCEED as a model for health promotion or disease prevention programs, it is important to consider whether all parts of the model are appropriate for the program and the resources available to support implementation. It is also important to remember that components of the plan may be adapted over time, as needed. Organization s : Community Tool Box. What is a Planning Model? Author s : Crosby, R. Skip to main content Menu Search.

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Health Promotion Planning: An Educational and Ecological Approach (3rd ed)

The scope of health promotion is determined as much by expected health outcomes as by methods and forms. From its purpose to enable people to gain greater control over the determinants of their health, "health promotion" can be defined as "any combination of educational and environmental supports for actions and conditions of living conducive to health" Green and Kreuter, The actions or behaviors in question may be those of individuals, groups, or communities; or of policymakers, employers, teachers, or others in organizations whose actions or practices control or influence the determinants of health. When the determinants are ones over which individuals can exert personal control, this control ideally resides with the individual. But with some aspects of complex lifestyle issues, especially those that affect the health of others e.

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