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list of professions and occupations pdf

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A job , employment , work or occupation , is a person 's role in society. More specifically, a job is an activity, often regular and often performed in exchange for payment "for a living". Many people have multiple jobs e.

This lesson presents a list of jobs and professions in Spanish through pictures and sentences with the vocabulary. We have included a lot examples and simple explanations on the topic as well. There are many different words for occupations in Spanish, some more common than others. The picture below shows a list of jobs and professions in Spanish and how they can be used in basic sentences. Later, we will explain to you how these sentences work and how you can make your own.

List of over 12,000 Careers

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A profession is an occupation founded upon specialized educational training , the purpose of which is to supply disinterested objective counsel and service to others, for a direct and definite compensation, wholly apart from expectation of other business gain. Some professions change slightly in status and power, but their prestige generally remains stable over time, even if the profession begins to have more required study and formal education. Although professions may enjoy relatively high status and public prestige, not all professionals earn high salaries, and even within specific professions there exist significant differences in salary. In law, for example, a corporate defense lawyer working on an hourly basis may earn several times what a prosecutor or public defender earns. A profession arises when any trade or occupation transforms itself through "the development of formal qualifications based upon education, apprenticeship, and examinations, the emergence of regulatory bodies with powers to admit and discipline members, and some degree of monopoly rights. Major milestones which may mark an occupation being identified as a profession include: [4]. Applying these milestones to the historical sequence of development in the United States shows surveying achieving professional status first note that George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln all worked as land surveyors before entering politics [11] [12] [13] , followed by medicine, actuarial science , law, dentistry , civil engineering , logistics , architecture and accounting.

List of Jobs! List of different types of jobs and occupations with pictures and examples. Talking about work is one of the most common types of conversation in any language and so it is important to be able to recognize and discuss various types of jobs. This might be in order to talk about what you do for work or to be able to talk to others about their jobs as well as being able to understand conversations where careers are being discussed. You can begin your journey to adding English job names to your vocabulary by carefully reading through this section. More specifically, a job is an activity, often regular and performed in exchange for payment. Many people have multiple jobs.

Jobs and Professions in Spanish: list, sentences and practice

A accountant actor actress advisor ambassador animator archer athlete artist astronaut astronomer attorney auctioneer author. B babysitter baker banker barber baseball player basketball player bellhop bookkeeper biologist bowler builder butcher butler. C cab driver calligrapher captain cardiologist caregiver carpenter cartographer cartoonist cashier catcher caterer cellist chaplain chef chemist chauffeur clerk clergyman clergywoman coach cobbler composer concierge coroner courier cryptographer custodian. D dancer dentist deputy dermatologist designer detective dictator director disc jockey diver doctor doorman driver drummer drycleaner. E ecologist economist editor educator electrician engineer entertainer entomologist entrepreneur executive explorer exporter exterminator.

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Browse, download and print resources designed for learning and practising English words related to the theme Occupations: cook, doctor, driver, farmer, fireman, mechanic, nurse, policeman, postman, secretary, seller, teacher. The Occupations resource set introduces twelve vocabulary words that reappear in eight different activities. Although created as a complement of our online activities and games, these resources can be used separately in any way you want. Depending on your needs or preferences, you can browse them in three ways:. Each resource image is a direct link to the pdf file.

Download jobs and occupations worksheets and use them in class today. On this page, you can find a collection of PDF worksheets for teaching about jobs and occupations in English.

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