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It reminded me of how exciting it is to learn. Throughout the chapters, complex phenomena are described and explained in a comprehensible way that applies directly to the students everyday lives.

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Social Psychology

It reminded me of how exciting it is to learn. Throughout the chapters, complex phenomena are described and explained in a comprehensible way that applies directly to the students everyday lives. The authors manage to provide both in breadth and depth across this wide and fascinating discipline. Dr Torun Lindholm, Stockholm University Hogg and Vaughan s book is clear in its explanations and contemporary in its examples. An excellent text in both its critique and analysis, I will be recommending this as the ideal core text to parallel my teaching for undergraduate students in social psychology.

Paul Muff, University of Bradford Hogg and Vaughan have managed to yet again produce a great social psychology book. The text should prove useful for students who wish to learn about the key aspects of social psychology. It is an engaging read that clearly and concisely introduces the reader to the world of social psychology!

Dr Cathrine Jansson-Boyd, Anglia Ruskin University Hogg and Vaughan successfully capture the essence of what is all around, all the time and what concerns us all: social psychology. Each topic is captivating and the format is easy-to-grasp yet instructive. I strongly recommend this volume. The authors of Essentials of Social Psychology have drawn of their wealth of writing experience to walk this tightrope with considerable aplomb, producing a book that leads you by the hand through the contemporary landscape of social psychology in a way that never feels overly challenging or daunting.

Pitched with the introductory market always in mind, by journey s end the reader will have accumulated a comprehensive understanding of contemporary, international social psychology, and critically, will have enjoyed the trip as well. Dr John Kremer, Queen s University Belfast This is a very comprehensive volume and, compared to many competitors, has increased relevance to contemporary issues, including more than enough material to generate hours of critical discussion about the role of social psychology in the contemporary world.

It s not only a good text book for students but a useful reference work for postgraduates and academic staff. Dr Ron Roberts, Kingston University. Under a range of well-known imprints, including Prentice Hall, we craft high-quality print and electronic publications which help readers to understand and apply their content, whether studying or at work. To find out more about the complete range of our publishing, please visit us on the World Wide Web at:.

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Hogg, Graham M. ISBN pbk. Social psychology. Vaughan, Graham M. MyPsychLab for students Complete student self-assessment and revision centre including diagnostic tests, a customised study plan, multiple choice and essay questions Media library for quick access to video and audio resources of interviews with experts, re-enactments of classic experiments, and extended examples of social psychological concepts in action.

Annotated links to relevant websites for further research Key term flashcards and an online glossary For instructors Comprehensive Instructor s Manual Extensive test bank of question material PowerPoint slides Additional video and audio-based Media Assignments For more information please contact your local Pearson Education sales representative or visit.

Effect of seeming to be either emotionally responsive or not responsive stable The overjustification effect Priming the ideal self can lead to dejection, whereas priming the ought self can lead to agitation Self-enhancement bias: rating one s driving as above average How positive feedback about self and viewing a death video can reduce anxiety When is an attitude accessible?

The theory of planned behaviour TPB Losing weight after expending psychological effort Reducing incentives can make a boring task seem more interesting Eating fried grasshoppers is easier when a military officer is more brusque Mediating cognitive processes in protection motivation theory The elaboration likelihood model of persuasion An inoculation defence can be effective in resisting an attack on one s attitude Newcomb s Bennington study: how liberal norms affected voting preferences in the US presidential election Experimental induction of a group norm Sample lines used in conformity experiment Conformity among men and women in relation to tasks that are sex-stereotyped Conformity rates drop when a supporter is present, even one who is incompetent Three classic techniques for inducing compliance The foot-in-the-door technique: complying when an impossible request is followed by one that is possible Milgram s shock generator Attraction and the reinforcing effects of background features Equity theory applied to equitable and inequitable relationships The triangle of love When things go wrong: phases in dissolving an intimate relationship Effect of culture on explaining the causes of behaviour The facial affect programme: expressing an emotion Cross-cultural success at matching primary emotions List of tables 1.

Social decisions schemes: ways that a group can reach a decision Characteristics of three attachment styles Rankings of twenty nations on individualism collectivism Western and Eastern cultural models of the self Four zones of space in social interaction: how close is comfortable?

Essentials of Social Psychology is accompanied by MyPsychLab, which contains a wealth of online resources designed to support and extend your learning and enrich your journey through the text. Wherever you see this icon: visit where you will find additional resources, including video and audio clips, expanding on the topic in question. A neighbourhood group in the United Kingdom proposes to send the children of new immigrants into a special school, where first they can learn to speak English and later continue the rest of their education.

The group says that this is for the good of the children. Would you have any concerns about this? See some real-life footage of negative comments about minority groups in Chapter 7 of MyPsychLab at 2. Erasmus is Dutch and very traditional in his politics and religion.

He does not like the Mollucans, who came to the Netherlands years ago from Indonesia. He recalls how they highjacked a train at De Punt in But actually, he doesn t like any immigrants. How might you explain his views?

Jean and Alison have been close school friends. When they first arrive at university they are assigned to different but adjoining halls of residence. The halls have very different cultures and are in fierce competition with each other. What will happen to their friendship, and why?

If she can get close to speaking posh she might be able to leave her working class background behind. What must she be thinking? As you read through each chapter, you will be asked to reflect back on these questions to see how your new understanding of social psychology might inform, and possibly change, your initial reactions. You will find additional resources to accompany this feature, including video and audio clips, on the MyPsychLab at.

Again, an aggressor may be portrayed as the good guy and go unpunished for acts of violence. Social learning theory has taken a strong position on this point: children will readily mimic the behaviour of a model who is reinforced for aggressing, or at least escapes punishment Bandura, There has been considerable debate about whether violent video games can also have harmful effects on children see Box 8. Research and applications 8. The effects of violence in video games have been contained aggression as an immediate objective or the frequent debated.

Some say violent games make long-term strategy. We noted in Box 8. Others believe that children may experience the benefits of catharsis from playing the no significant relationship between time spent games, by venting some energy and then relaxing.

Certainly, the content of the games themselves is of some concern. However, they also found that game playing was Sociologist Tracy Dietz found that nearly 80 per negatively correlated with behaving prosocially, a topic cent of thirty-three popular video games at that time covered in Chapter 9. People who live close by are accessible, so that interacting with them requires little effort and the rewards of doing so have little cost.

Consider your immediate neighbours: you expect to continue interacting with them and it is better that you are at ease when you do so rather than feeling stressed. If at the outset you think that you are more likely to interact with John rather than Brian it is probable that you will anticipate perhaps hope! In the first focus question, who will Carol like more, David or Paul? Proximity became a hazier psychological concept during the twentieth century. Can we actually pursue a relationship on the net?

See Box Familiarity Familiarity Proximity generally leads to greater familiarity a friend is rather like your As we become more favourite pair of shoes, something that you feel comfortable about.

Further, Robert familiar with a stimulus even another person , Zajonc found that familiarity enhances liking just as repeatedly presenting we feel more stimuli increases liking for them the basic mere exposure effect as used by advertisers to have us feel familiar with new products.

Familiarity can account for why comfortable with it and we like it more. Social learning theory argues that violent video games provide models for behaving aggressively. Source: Pearson Online Database POD Access to a computer and the Internet allows people to Jacobson investigated impression formation in meet, form friendships, fall in love, live together or get comparing online expectation with offline experiences: married.

A cyberspace relationship does not necessarily that is, when people who had met online actually met stop there, and some online friends actually meet. He found significant discrepancies people In cyberspace, traditional variables that you would find had often formed erroneous impressions about interesting about someone else are often missing, such characteristics such as talkativeness they seemed so as seeing, hearing and touching them.

Even so, cyberrelationships can progress rapidly from knowing little terse online but were very expressive offline. People quiet in person and expansiveness they seemed so about the other person to being intimate; equally, online often constructed images based on stereotypes, they can be ended very quickly, literally with the click such as the vocation of the unseen person. One of a button. From differ markedly from offline relationships. A first her descriptions I got the impression she would meeting via the Internet does not give access to the be overweight, kinda hackerish, but when we usual range of physical and spoken linguistic cues that met, I found her very attractive.

Normal sized, help to form an impression, unless the use of digital nice hair, not at all the stereotypical programmer. Jacobson, , p.

Real world boxes present everyday examples of social psychology in action, applying social psychological principles to familiar real world scenarios. The participants were asked to eat grasshoppers by an authority figure conflict whose interpersonal style was either positive warm or negative cold.

According The dissonance associated with to the induced compliance variation of cognitive dissonance, post-decisional behaving in a counterattitudinal way. Read what happened in this study in Box 4. However, once people have been induced to act counter-attitudinally, the theory predicts that dissonance will be strong and that they will seek to justify their action. Research classic 4. This scenario ready to eat off the land.

After his talk, the cadets were was actually researched in Zimbardo s famous study. An each given a plate with five fried grasshoppers and officer in command suggested to some military cadets invited to try them out. The cadets the request was made. For half the cadets the officer had also indicated in a questionnaire about food habits was cheerful, informal and permissive Call me earlier that there were limits to what they should be Smitty, he said.

For the other half, he was cool, official and stiff Hallo, I m Dr Smith. There was also a expected to eat. However, the officer stressed that modern soldiers in combat should be mobile and be control group who gave two sets of food ratings but Group polarisation Tendency for group discussion to produce more extreme group decisions than the mean of members prediscussion opinions, in the direction favoured by the mean.

Persuasive arguments theory View that people in groups are persuaded by novel information that supports their initial position, and thus become more extreme in their endorsement of their initial position. Because group members are under decision-making stress they adopt defensive coping strategies and inadequate procedures to make decisions, which are symptomatic of groupthink. Individuals suggestions and ideas are too often simply endorsed by other members because they are under pressure, and a group s decisions suffer.

Essentials of Social Psychology

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. Hogg Published Psychology. What is social psychology? Save to Library. Create Alert. Launch Research Feed.

View larger. Request a copy. Buy this product. Download instructor resources. Alternative formats. Essentials of Social Psychology provides a clear, concise and engaging introduction to the field. Covering all the major topics and theoretical perspectives, this exciting new book provides straightforward explanation of key terms and concepts in a lively and student-friendly manner.

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Essentials of Social Psychology

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