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Average: It is a value which is typical or representative of a set of data. Averages are also called Measures of Central Tendency.

Either your web browser doesn't support Javascript or it is currently turned off. In the latter case, please turn on Javascript support in your web browser and reload this page. In any research, enormous data is collected and, to describe it meaningfully, one needs to summarise the same.

Measures of central tendency: The mean.

Quantitative data can be described by measures of central tendency, dispersion, and "shape". Central tendency is described by median, mode, and the means there are different means- geometric and arithmetic. Dispersion is the degree to which data is distributed around this central tendency, and is represented by range, deviation, variance, standard deviation and standard error. Richards, Derek. Previous chapter: Different types of data Next chapter: Parametric and non-parametric tests. All SAQs related to this topic.

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In statistics , dispersion also called variability , scatter , or spread is the extent to which a distribution is stretched or squeezed. Dispersion is contrasted with location or central tendency , and together they are the most used properties of distributions. A measure of statistical dispersion is a nonnegative real number that is zero if all the data are the same and increases as the data become more diverse. Most measures of dispersion have the same units as the quantity being measured. In other words, if the measurements are in metres or seconds, so is the measure of dispersion. Examples of dispersion measures include:. These are frequently used together with scale factors as estimators of scale parameters , in which capacity they are called estimates of scale.

Measure of central tendency and dispersion ( Mind Map)

The measures of central tendency are not adequate to describe data. Two data sets can have the same mean but they can be entirely different. Thus to describe data, one needs to know the extent of variability. This is given by the measures of dispersion. Range, interquartile range, and standard deviation are the three commonly used measures of dispersion. The range is the difference between the largest and the smallest observation in the data. The prime advantage of this measure of dispersion is that it is easy to calculate.

The first exercise focuses on the research design which is your plan of action that explains how you will try to answer your research questions. Exercises two through four focus on sampling, measurement, and data collection. The fifth exercise discusses hypotheses and hypothesis testing. The last eight exercises focus on data analysis. This data set is part of the collection at the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research at the University of Michigan. This data set is freely available to the public and you do not have to be a member of the Consortium to use it.

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What is the Mo? ▷ X = 5 has the greatest frequency (9); hence, the mode is 5. Oscar BARRERA. Statistics Intermediate. Page 8. Central Tendency Variability. The.

Measure of central tendency and dispersion ( Mind Map)

In statistics , a central tendency or measure of central tendency is a central or typical value for a probability distribution. Colloquially, measures of central tendency are often called averages. The term central tendency dates from the late s.

Central tendency is the middle point of a distribution and measures of central tendency means measuring sets of data in terms of the central location of the data in a data set. Accordingly, measures of central tendency include three important tools — mean average , median and mode. Measures of central tendency are generally calculated among ungrouped and grouped data and the formulae for the same would be accordingly different. Please refer to slides for relevant formulae.

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Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion

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Central tendency

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    Measures of central tendency: categories or scores that describe what is "average" or "typical" of a given distribution.

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    While measures of central tendency are used to estimate "normal" values of a dataset, measures of dispersion are important for describing the spread of the data, or its variation around a central value.