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Acknowledgments I want to acknowledge all my music teachers for their dedication, devotion, and inspiration. Clarinet Performance, Juilliard School of Music, who taught me more than I ever wanted to know about the reeds, and Im soooo glad he did!

Well, kudos for keeping the case open, and caring for your instrument because we can help you can save money and extend the life of your pride and joy. Read our handy list of care and maintenance tips for strings, wind and brass instruments. Username or Email Address. Remember Me. Stay Connected.

Basic Instrument Care Guides

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After playing, be sure to remove the reed from the mouthpiece, wipe any moisture off the mouthpiece, and store it away carefully. Insert a small size S cleaning swab into the mouthpiece from the joint cork end and wipe off any moisture or dirt. Be careful not to damage the tip of the mouthpiece when cleaning. Remove all moisture from the inside of the body by running a medium size M cleaning swab through the instrument. For a bass clarinet use a large size L cleaning swab. If the swab catches on anything, pull it through slowly without forcing it.

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Deluxe Clarinet Care Kit*

Before you open your case, be sure that it is right side up. When possible, avoid touching the keys when you are putting your clarinet together. When joining the lower and upper joints, you must press the rings of the top joint to lift the bridge key. The joints of the clarinet should twist together easily. If you have any difficultly, grease the corks. Remove your ligature, reed, and mouthpiece from the clarinet first. Swab your clarinet each time you finish playing.

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Care and Maintenance of Reeds

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Clarinet Care and Maintenance. Updated Supplies: 1. Reed and several extras. 2. Reed guard or reed case. 3. Cork grease. 4. Clarinet Swab. Before You​.


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    Unlike traditional repair manuals, the Haynes Clarinet Manual focusses solely on maintenance - allowing the techniques to be described in greater detail and without unnecessary technical jargon, accompanied by hundreds of full-colour photographs and illustrations.

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    Clarinet Maintenance and Cleaning. Needed items. Handkerchief or silk swab, cleaning cloth, cork grease, mouthpiece brush, reed guard. Storing your.