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difference between compaction and consolidation pdf

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Consolidation and compaction are totally different process. Though both process results a reduction in volume, it is important to know the difference between them.

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Compaction vs. Consolidation of Soils

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Compaction and consolidation are two different processes which cause volume reduction of soil. These two processes are totally different. The main differences between soil compaction and consolidation process is given below. Please note that the information in Civiltoday. The information provided should not be used as a substitute for professional services.

Compaction vs. Consolidation of Soils

The term consolidation describes the process by which a soil mass decreases in volume in response to either natural or man-made loadings. Natural loadings that induce consolidation result from geological processes such as sedimentation. Man-induced consolidation is a result of surface loadings associated with the construction of buildings or soil embankments and of subsurface load changes associated with underground excavations and the extraction of subsurface fluids see Vol. XII, Pt. This meaning of the term consolidation has been used generally by soil and geotechnical engineers since Terzaghi , developed the theory of consolidation in the s.

Compaction should not be confused with consolidation. Soil compaction - Wikipedia,In soil science and agronomy, soil compaction is usually a combination of both engineering compaction and consolidation, so may occur due to a lack of water in the soil, the applied stress being internal suction due to water evaporation as well as due to passage of animal feet. Consolidation is a natural process where soil below the building and other structure compacted by the transferred load to the soil through the provided foundation system. Compaction is the process by which solid soil particles are packed more closely together by mechanical means. It is achieved through reduction of air voids.

Week 10 : Coverage : Consolidation — theory and principles. Laboratory consolidaton test and the analysis of test data to obtain compressibilty characteristics of the soil. Explain the theory and principles of consolidation ii. Explain the laboratory consolidation test and its field application iii. Pore water drainage is accompanied by a reduction in the volume of the soil mass, which results in settlement. Because of rapid drainage of the pore water in sandy soils, immediate settlement and consolidation occur simultaneously. Consolidation …..

Consolidation is a process where steady and static pressure causes compression of saturated soil. In compaction process, soil volume is reduced by removing air void from the saturated and dry soil. In consolidation process, soil volume is reduced by squeezing out pore water from the saturated soil.

Soil compaction

Soil consolidation refers to the mechanical process by which soil changes volume gradually in response to a change in pressure. This happens because soil is a two-phase material, comprising soil grains and pore fluid, usually groundwater. When soil saturated with water is subjected to an increase in pressure, the high volumetric stiffness of water compared to the soil matrix means that the water initially absorbs all the change in pressure without changing volume, creating excess pore water pressure. As water diffuses away from regions of high pressure due to seepage , the soil matrix gradually takes up the pressure change and shrinks in volume. The theoretical framework of consolidation is therefore closely related to the diffusion equation , the concept of effective stress , and hydraulic conductivity.

In geotechnical engineering , soil compaction is the process in which stress applied to a soil causes densification as air is displaced from the pores between the soil grains. When stress is applied that causes densification due to water or other liquid being displaced from between the soil grains, then consolidation , not compaction, has occurred. Normally, compaction is the result of heavy machinery compressing the soil , but it can also occur due to the passage of, for example, animal feet. In soil science and agronomy , soil compaction is usually a combination of both engineering compaction and consolidation, so may occur due to a lack of water in the soil, the applied stress being internal suction due to water evaporation [1] as well as due to passage of animal feet.

Compaction may be defined as the process by which the sediment volume is reduced and the sediment density increased. Sediments change their physical properties after deposition due to the stress from the overburden gravitational compaction and as a result of biological or chemical reactions involving dissolution and precipitation of minerals. In some sediments compaction of amorphous materials like organic material kerogen and biogenic silica Opal A also play an important role. All natural processes modifying sediments after deposition are in geological literature referred to as diagenesis q.


What are the differences among consolidation, compression and. Angular distortion between two points under a structure is equal, to the differential settlement between the points divided by the distance between them. It is the difference of settlement between various locations of the structure.


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