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Hillman, A. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Earlier editions are fine. Class Notes linked to this website, to be updated during the semester.

public finance and public choice book pdf

As a subfield of public economics , fiscal federalism is concerned with "understanding which functions and instruments are best centralized and which are best placed in the sphere of decentralized levels of government" Oates, In other words, it is the study of how competencies expenditure side and fiscal instruments revenue side are allocated across different vertical layers of the administration.

An important part of its subject matter is the system of transfer payments or grants by which a central government shares its revenues with lower levels of government. Federal governments use this power to enforce national rules and standards. There are two primary types of transfers, conditional and unconditional. A conditional transfer from a federal body to a province, or other territory, involves a certain set of conditions.

If the lower level of government is to receive this type of transfer, it must agree to the spending instructions of the federal government. An example of this would be the Canada Health Transfer.

An unconditional grant is usually a cash or tax point transfer, with no spending instructions. An example of this would be a federal equalization transfer. This may be noted that the concept of fiscal federalism is relevant for every type of government: unitary, federal and confederal.

This, however, does not mean that all forms of governments are 'fiscally' federal, only that 'fiscal federalism' is a set of principles that can be applied to all countries attempting 'fiscal decentralization'. In , Governor of Rivers State of Nigeria, Ezenwo Nyesom Wike said that he believes true fiscal federalism will "strengthen the economy of his country as all sections will develop based on their comparative advantages".

Chanchal Kumar Sharma [6] clarifies that while "fiscal federalism constitutes a set of guiding principles, a guiding concept" that helps in designing financial relations between the national and subnational levels of the government, "fiscal decentralization on the other hand is a process of applying such principles". Federal and non-federal countries differ in the manner in which such principles are applied.

Application differs because unitary and federal governments differ in their political and legislative context and thus provide different opportunities for fiscal decentralization.

New generation of scholars of federalism and fiscal federalism point out that over time the theory of fiscal federalism has evolved considerably. The goal of modern fiscal federalism is not just to ensure the efficient allocation of resources, but also to protect liberty and restrain the power of government, to share legislative and fiscal competencies, to foster political participation and preserve markets.

The concepts of fiscal federalism are related to vertical and horizontal fiscal relations. The notions related to horizontal fiscal relations are related to regional imbalances and horizontal competition. While the concept of horizontal fiscal imbalance is relatively non controversial as explained above , the concept of vertical fiscal imbalance is quite controversial see Bird [10]. These terms are used as synonyms, but they are not. Following Sharma , any existing revenue-expenditure asymmetry between the two levels of a government should simply be called a Vertical Fiscal Asymmetry VFA.

The precise nature of this asymmetry, in a particular country, can be determined by using certain criteria that the author has evolved. The kind of policy solution to be applied will depend on the nature of asymmetry VFA. Thus, there can be three types of VFAs:. VFD is a concept that has entered the lexicon of fiscal federalism and has the power to clarify the debate on intergovernmental financial relations.

Vertical Fiscal Gap as the revenue deficiency arising from a mismatching between revenue capacity and expenditure needs. Various activities of the government are undertaken at different levels. To understand the assignment of responsibilities to the different levels of state, it can be beneficial to define, whether it is more useful to deal with problems at the local or the federal level.

Public goods in general are goods that are neither excludable nor rival. For that reason, they are usually provided by the government. For some kind of goods, the benefits accrue to residents of a particular area or community. These are called local public goods. Examples of them are traffic lights or fire protection. In contrast, for national public goods there is a presumption for federal provision, because their benefits accrue to everyone in the nation. An example is national defense. There are also some public goods, from which benefit people living all over the world.

These are called international public goods , e. To be the supply of public goods efficient, national public goods must be supplied at national level, local public goods at local level, etc.

If the provision of national public goods is left to local communities, there would be a freerider problem and there can occur an undersupply of those goods. Similarly, there is likely to be an undersupply of international public goods, if they are provided by the national governments. The closest approximation to a global government is probably the United Nations General Assembly.

On the other hand, it is beneficial, when local public goods are provided by local governments and not national. Charles Tiebout of the University of Washington argued that competition among communities ensures efficiency in the supply of local public goods, like it does a competition among private subjects in the supply of private goods. Moving from one town to another is naturally much easier than moving to a different country. This argument is called Tiebout hypothesis.

The provision of local public goods by local governments is not always optimal and sometimes federal intervention may be required. The question of which activities should take place at which level of government is called optimal fiscal federalism. Market failures occur because actions of one community have effects on the others externalities and similarly as in the market with private goods, competition is not perfect, because there is always a limited number of communities.

The problem of redistribution is that with free migration and local competition communities will not redistribute income to individuals or between communities or, at most, the redistribution will be limited. From this reason, redistribution is performed by the higher levels of government.

Federal government redistributes the income to lower levels of government using tools that are called grants. It does so because of several reasons. Local governments have often better information about preferences of local people and costs. Another reason is that the federal government may try to offer states and localities incentives to undertake additional spending, from which will benefit also neighboring communities or the whole country.

The composition of federal grants in the US has changed significantly over the past 50 years. Nowadays, federal grants for health programs represent 65 percent of the total amount of money distributed by federal grants, compared with less than 20 percent in There are two main types of federal grants.

A matching grant is a grant, which ties the amount of funds provided by the higher level of government to the local community to the amount of spending by the local community. The local state determines the level of expenditure and federal government pays a certain part of the amount.

In comparison, when the government provides a block grant , the amount of money paid by government is given and every cost above this number is paid by the local level government. Block grants can be also provided being tied up to any specific use. A grant of some fixed amount with a mandate that money be spent only on some specific purpose is called conditional block grant. Matching grants are more effective in encouraging expenditures for specific purpose.

They effectively lower the price of certain local public goods. This change pivots the budget constraint outwards. As a result of both income and substitution effect spending on those goods increases.

Matching grants have distortionary effect, which means that same utility level as provide these grants can be attained at lower cost with block grants. When a community is offered an unconditional block grant, a lump-sum transfer shifts the budget constraint outwards. Conditional block grants have effects much like a lump sum grant - it makes no difference whether it is given, what should the additional money be used for, so long as the amount of money provided is less than the total desired expenditure.

This means that the effect of a conditional block grant will be different from that of an unconditional block grant only if the funded local community would have spent less than the amount of grant without the mandate on how it is to be spent. However, this theory, which says that it does not matter, whether there is a condition or not, might not always be true. Some empirical evidence indicates the presence of a so called " flypaper effect ", which says that the grant leads to significantly greater spending on the desired local public goods.

The relationship between central and subcentral government bodies has a profound effect on efficiency and equity within the government and on macroeconomic stability of the country. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the use of the term fiscal federalism as applied to Scotland, see Full fiscal autonomy for Scotland.

Retrieved 26 June Public Administration. Economics of the public sector. New York, London: W. New York: Cambridge University Press. Journal of Political Economy. New York: Worth Publishers. Tax Policy Center. Autonomous types of first-tier subdivision administration. Asymmetric federalism Confederation Corporative federalism Dual federalism Ethnic federalism Federacy Federal monarchy Federal republic Federated state Federation Fiscal federalism Symmetric federalism List of federal countries.

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Fiscal federalism

Policy decisions are made by politicians and government committees. It is therefore natural to study public policy and public finance from a perspective that combines political and economic outcomes and decisions. I introduced political motives for international trade policy in a paper in the American Economic Review in This was followed by further papers on political-economy trade-policy themes with coauthors James Cassing and Heinrich Ursprung in the same journal in and Subsequently the political economy view of international trade policy became mainstream with the publication by Grossman and Helpman of their paper 'Protection for sale' in the American Economic Review in My political economy theme continued to trade liberalization and migration, failures of economic development, the extended duration of the transition from socialism, and prejudice and discrimination.

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Public Finance and Public Policy: Responsibilities and Limitations of Government

Improved taxation is a key for developing countries to escape from aid or singular natural resource dependency. Public Finance and Taxation. Sign Up with Apple. Compulsion is universal.

While these are, classical topics in public choice, the chapter successfully, political economy by stressing the agency problems both adverse, hazard that can arise not only between voters and politicians, but also within government, bureaucracies. Why do institutions matter? Richard Musgrave was one of academic economists who emigrated from Germany when Fascism came to dominate the country.

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hillman public finance and public policy pdf

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