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purchasing policies and procedures pdf

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Its various sections address the responsibilities of the Requisitioner, the Procurement Officer, and the Recipient of purchased products and services. Procedure No. P Purchase Requisitions Procedure No.

Procurement of goods and services for the university must be conducted in an open and competitive environment to ensure that prices paid are fair and reasonable.

NOTE: If your project requires construction or significant services on campus, contact legal counsel and FMS prior to soliciting bids. Anticipate your requirements sufficiently in advance to permit the purchase of goods and services in an efficient and effective manner. Submit clear and concise specifications in every detail. Specifications should permit Procurement Services sufficient latitude of choice that it may contribute either to improvement of quality or to economy.

Purchasing Policies and Procedures Manual

This Purchasing Policy applies to and binds all directors, managers and employees of the organisation in any situation where they are involved in a purchasing process, whether as requisitoners or specifiers, purchasers or negotiators, or those who validate or authorise payment. Adherence to the Purchasing Policy is both an individual and a corporate responsibility. Wilful breach of this policy, or unauthorised departure from the Procedures derived from this Policy, may constitute a disciplinary offence. As the world becomes more competitive, firms are increasingly seeking more innovative ways to create value and improve their levels of efficiency and effectiveness. Find out more.

The manual is divided into sections and subsections: the sections describethe major aspects of the function; and within each section, there are subsections. Any exceptions to these procedures will be considered on a case-by-case basis and must be approved in advance by the Purchasing Manager. Policy No. Office supplies may be purchased from Staples as a preferred supplier of office supplies. Requisitioner requests new vendor if needed.

Purchasing Policies & Procedures

Also, be sure to complete the online daily self-assessment. The Procurement Services department reports to the Business and Finance unit, a member of the Finance and Administration division. Our goal is to cooperatively develop and execute sourcing strategies with departments that will provide the highest professional standards, services, and practices while providing purchasing tools and programs to make each department more efficient by utilizing all University resources effectively. A central purchasing office shall be maintained to serve the needs of the entire university. The purchasing office shall develop standards for equipment and supplies and encourage the use of the standards throughout the university.

Policies & Procedures

The purpose of this policy is to communicate the strategic approach to procurement and integration of this activity across the University. This policy establishes the directions that must be implemented relating to the procurement of goods and services by the University. The University is required to implement and maintain an effective internal control framework over procurement activities. This policy applies to the acquisition of all goods and services by University staff, students or contractors either purchased or leased from vendors, for and on behalf of the University including University controlled entities. The establishment and maintenance of financial management policies and procedures is required by Direction 3.

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purchasing policies and procedures manual pdf

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Purchasing Policies & Procedures

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