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formula of ratio and proportion pdf

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Ratio and Proportion is one of the easiest concepts in CAT. Questions from this concept are mostly asked in conjunction with other concepts like similar triangles, mixtures and alligations.

A ratio can be defined as the relationship between two numbers by the division of the same kind. In x: y, we can say that x is the numerator and y is the denominator, or in other words, x as the antecedent, and y the consequent. These two ratios form a proportion as they are equivalent to each other. Suppose there are 3 quantities like P, Q, and R. If they are a proportion, we can express them as.

Ratio and Proportion – Concepts, Properties, and CAT Questions

The definition of ratio and proportion is depicted here right now. The two concepts are a significant piece of Mathematics. Proportion is a condition that characterizes that the two given ratios are comparable to one another. For example, the time taken via train to cover km every hour is equivalent to the time taken by it to cover the separation of km for 5 hours. Now, let us learn the Maths ratio and proportion formulas here.

Ratio and Proportion PDF

Shortcut 1 :. When two ratios are equal, they are said to be in proportion. Example :. Shortcut 2 :. By cross product rule, we have. Shortcut 3 :.

Ratio and Proportions is one of the easiest concepts in CAT. It is just an extension of high school mathematics. Questions from this concept are mostly asked in conjunction with other concepts like similar triangles , mixtures and allegations. Hence fundamentals of this concept are important not just from a stand-alone perspective, but also to answer questions from other concepts. Many a times we compare two data values of the same type. One way to do this is to find out the difference a-b. Other method of comparison could be by division or finding out ratios.

Ratio and Proportion is an important concept while dealing with various competitive examinations. The ratio is the relation between two amounts showing how one value is dependent on another. While proportion can be defined as a part or portion of number in comparison to the whole number. The examples with solutions have also been provided with respect to Ratio and Proportion problems. Preparing for SSC Exams in ? Register now to get free study material.

CBSE Class 6 Maths Chapter 12 - Ratio and Proportion Formulas

The questions based on ratio and proportion range from 2 to 3 and are asked in Data Interpretation questions as well. The case where a comparison of the two quantities is made is known as a ratio. It also tells us about the number of times one quantity is equivalent to another quantity. In other words, the ratio is the number, which can be used to denote one quantity as a fraction of another. The two numbers in a ratio can only be compared when they have the same unit.

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Ratio And Proportion: Formula And Examples

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A ratio, which is a comparison of two numbers by division, is the quotient obtained A proportion is an equation that states that two ratios are equal. Since the.

Ratio and proportion formulas for CAT PDF

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    Ratio and Proportion are mathematical entities that help in comparison of numbers.

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    If we consider two numbers as a and b, then the ratio of a to b is written as a: b = a / b. Here a is antecedent and b is the consequent. This is what as known as a ratio. Proportions, on the other hand, can simply be defined when two ratios are equal to each other.

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    This PDF contains questions related to Ratio and Proportion which will prove beneficial for every student in preparing for the exam.