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current liabilities and payroll accounting pdf

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You'll learn how to use payroll journal entries and incorporate numbers into financial statements, including income statements and balance sheets.

Demonstrate an understanding of the calculation, timing and payment responsibilities of employer payroll liabilities. What is Payroll Accounting? Topics you'll need to know to.

Study Objectives 1. Explain a current liability, and identify the major types of current liabilities. Describe the accounting for notes payable. Explain the accounting for other current liabilities.

Introduction to Accounting 2 Modul 4 Current Liabilities and Payroll Accounting

What would you do if you had a great idea for a new product, but couldnt come up with the cash to get the business off the ground? Small businesses often cannot attract investors. Nor can they obtain tradi-tional debt fi nancing through bank loans or bond issuances. Instead, they often resort to unusual, and costly, forms of nontraditional fi nancing. Such was the case for Wilbert Murdock.

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What Is the Difference Between Accounts Payable & Payroll?

Johnson Liability accounts represent amounts owed to others. Although usually paid in cash, liabilities may also be satisfied by rendering services. Liabilities may only be recorded as a result of a past transaction or event. Liabilities must be a present obligation, and must require payment of assets such as cash , or services. Classifying Liabilities on the Balance Sheet Liabilities classified as current liabilities are usually due within one year from the balance sheet date. Exceptions are made for companies with an operating cycle of longer than one year, such as certain construction companies, but these exceptions are rare.

Net pay and withholding liabilities. Payroll withholdings include required and voluntary deductions authorized by each employee. Withheld amounts represent liabilities, as the company must pay the amounts withheld to the appropriate third party. The amounts do not represent expenses of the employer. The employer is simply acting as an intermediary, collecting money from employees and passing it on to third parties. Required deductions. These deductions are made for federal income taxes, and when applicable, state and local income taxes.

Current Liabilities and Payroll Accounting. After studying this chapter, you should be able to: 1. Explain a current liability, and identify the major types of current.

Ch11 - Current Liabilities and Payroll Accounting

These accounts are generally used by an accountant or the company accounting department to record the associated expenses. Despite the fact that they are both expense accounts, they do have their differences. Accounts payable is a current liability account. Items in accounts payable are things for which the company owes and is invoiced on. For example, a sporting goods store that orders sneakers will receive an invoice for the sneakers.

Explain a current liability, and identify the major types of current liabilities. Describe the accounting for notes payable.

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