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cell division mitosis and meiosis pdf

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This article, the second in a four-part series on genes and chromosomes, explores cell division.

The book discusses meiosis with regard to the meiotic behavior of chromosomes; the anomalous meiotic behavior in organisms with localized centromeres and in forms with nonlocalized centromeres; and the nature of the synaptic force. The text also describes the mechanism of crossing over; the relationship of chiasmata to crossing over and metaphase pairing; and the reductional versus equational disjunction. The process of mitosis and the physiology of cell division are also considered. The book further tackles the significance of cell division and chromosomes; the essential mitotic plan and its variants; the preparations for mitosis; and the transition period. The text also demonstrates the time course of mitosis; the mobilization of the mitotic apparatus; metakinesis; the metaphase; the mitotic apparatus; anaphase; telophase; cytokinesis; and the physiology of the dividing cell.

Meiosis and Mitosis

Use the two documents linked below to complete an internet hands-on activity involving mitosis and meiosis. During these activities you will demonstrate your understanding of cell division by identifying and drawing various stages of these events as well as answering questions about each. You may chose to print these sheets, write your answers out and then rescan the documents to create your single submission file. Or you may chose to type your answers into the Word document and submit that file. Do keep in mind that you must complete the drawing activities as well so in some fashion you have to get those images into your final file. See this example for one way you may insert your images.

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Meiosis and Mitosis

Understand that some cells remain in a dividing state forever while others remain arrested forever. Explain the two different types of cell division mitosis and meiosis and various phases of each. Recognize that meiosis involves reduction division, genetic reshuffling, and sexual reproduction. Living organisms are composed of basic units of organization called cells. Some organisms remain as single cells for example, bacteria and some protozoans like the malaria causing Plasmodium falciparum ; while others differentiate into complex multicellular organisms for example, worms, spiders, dogs, plants, humans that are made up of billions of cells that function together as an organism. Why do cells need to divide? There are three main reasons why cells divide: 1 for growth and development; 2 to replace old, worn-out or injured cells both of these occur in a type of cell division known as mitosis , and 3 for sexual reproduction in a type of cell division known as meiosis.

Mitosis versus meiosis

Cells divide and reproduce in two ways, mitosis and meiosis. Mitosis results in two identical daughter cells, whereas meiosis results in four sex cells. Below we highlight the keys differences and similarities between the two types of cell division. Mitosis is a process where a single cell divides into two identical daughter cells cell division.

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Cell Division: The Cell Cycle, Mitosis, and Meiosis

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and Eukaryotic cell division which may be classified as Asexual. (mitosis) in somatic cells and Sexual reproduction (meiosis) in germline cells.

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    A nuclear division (mitosis) followed by a cell division (cytokinesis). The period between mitotic divisions - that is, G1, S and G2 - is known as interphase. Page.