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difference between ionic product and solubility product pdf

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16.3: Precipitation and the Solubility Product

Both ionic product and solubility product express the same idea of the product of concentrations of ionic species in a solution. The key difference between ionic product and solubility product is that ionic product is the product of ions in either an unsaturated or saturated solution whereas solubility product is the product of ions in saturated solutions. The solubility product is a form of the ionic product. The ionic product and solubility product differ from each other based on the type of solution considered. Overview and Key Difference 2. What is Ionic Product 3.

Precipitation reactions occur when cations and anions in aqueous solution combine to form an insoluble ionic solid called a precipitate. Whether or not such a reaction occurs can be determined by using the solubility rules for common ionic solids. Because not all aqueous reactions form precipitates, one must consult the solubility rules before determining the state of the products and writing a net ionic equation. The ability to predict these reactions allows scientists to determine which ions are present in a solution, and allows industries to form chemicals by extracting components from these reactions. Precipitates are insoluble ionic solid products of a reaction, formed when certain cations and anions combine in an aqueous solution. The determining factors of the formation of a precipitate can vary. Some reactions depend on temperature, such as solutions used for buffers, whereas others are dependent only on solution concentration.

However, this article discusses ionic compounds that are difficult to dissolve; they are considered "slightly soluble" or "almost insoluble. Recall that the definition of solubility is the maximum possible concentration of a solute in a solution at a given temperature and pressure. We can determine the solubility product of a slightly soluble solid from that measure of its solubility at a given temperature and pressure, provided that the only significant reaction that occurs when the solid dissolves is its dissociation into solvated ions, that is, the only equilibrium involved is:. Calculation of K sp from Equilibrium Concentrations. We began the chapter with an informal discussion of how the mineral fluorite is formed. What is the solubility product of fluorite? First, write out the K sp expression, then substitute in concentrations and solve for K sp :.

Solubility Product

The K sp of CdS is 1. This is a series of lectures in videos covering topics in General Chemistry. Quizlet is the easiest way to study, practise and master what you're learning. Through the addition of common ions, the solubility of a compound generally decreases due to a shift in equilibrium. Comprehensive resource containing a variety of questions, including extension and further research. This process of getting solid soap from soap solution, by adding salt like NaCI is called salting out of soap.

In simple words, solubility is defined as the molarity of a particular substance in a solution that has been reached the chemical equilibrium state under a plenty of undissolved substance. In order to remove temporary hardness of water, it is boiled. An equilibrium state will be there for saturated solutions between solid and its dissolved ions. On the subset counting cases, a bit higher accuracy RMSE For a sparingly soluble salt Ap Bq relation ship of its solubility product KSP with its solubility s is. Certain factors affect the solubility product.

What is the 'common ion effect'? How do you write Ksp equilibrium expressions? How do you do solubility product calculations? Part 4 sub—index 4. Advanced Equilibrium Chemistry Notes Part 1. When a sparingly soluble salt is mixed with water a dynamic equilibrium is established in which salt is constantly dissolving and crystallising at the same rate when the solution is saturated, and the maximum constant concentration is achieved.

Solubility product is the concentration of ions of electrolyte, each raised to the power of their coefficients in the balanced chemical equation in a saturated.


In this article, we shall study the concept of solubility, solubility product, and its applications. Some ionic solids are highly soluble in water while others are almost insoluble in it. The solubility of ionic solid depends on lattice enthalpy of the salt and hydration enthalpy of ions in solution. The lattice enthalpy of salt is defined as the energy required to overcome the attractive forces between the ions.

In this video we want to discuss the concept of Ionic Product versus Solubility Product. Let's use the dissociation of a sparingly soluble salt calcium hydroxide as an example. Based on the dissociation of calcium hydroxide, solubility product is given as:.


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Difference Between Ionic Product and Solubility Product

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