Intellectual Property Patents Trademarks And Copyright In A Nutshell Pdf

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intellectual property patents trademarks and copyright in a nutshell pdf

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IP law has become increasingly complex and comprehensive as technology advances.

Skip to main navigation. Published on February 13, Over the past 20 years, the overall number of intellectual property cases filed in the U.

Miller and Davis's Intellectual Property, Patents, Trademarks, and Copyright in a Nutshell, 6th

Javascript is disabled on your browser. To view this site, you must enable JavaScript or upgrade to a JavaScript-capable browser. Add to Cart. Imprint West Academic Publishing. Format Softbound. Softbound - New, softbound print book. Also available in the Study Aids Collection Easy online access to hundreds of study aids to help you succeed in law school.

Patent Law Research Guide

Intellectual property refers to any intellectual creation, such as literary works, artistic works, inventions, designs, symbols, names, images, computer code, etc. Intellectual property law exists in order to protect the creators and covers areas of copyright, trademark law, and patents. Thus, intellectual property is an umbrella term encompassing both copyright and industrial property, such as trademarks, patents, and inventions. Source: The Free Dictionary. Source: U. Rights related to copyright include those of performing artists in their performances, producers of phonograms in their recordings, and those of broadcasters in their radio and television programs. For more details on the definition and parameters of copyright, visit our Copyright page.

Canada's Intellectual Property Law in a Nutshell, Third Edition

Canada's Intellectual Property Law in a Nutshell, Third Edition provides a thorough introduction to this important area of law. Heavily footnoted, the text provides an accessible approach to understanding and researching IP issues in copyright, trademark, patent, industrial design, and law of confidentiality as well as more specialized fields. Deep coverage of complementary areas of law such as restrictive covenants, privacy, and domain names are included. Global directory Contact us Sign in Sign out.

Fundamentals of United States Intellectual Property Law , completely revised and updated, offers in one volume a comprehensive review of US copyright, patent, and trademark laws. Maintaining the systematic structure that makes it easy for users to focus on any particular matter, this edition incorporates the changes that have entered into force since the fifth edition and expertly examines their effects. This well-received desk reference covers three major categories of copyright, patent, and trademark—along with a fourth section on chip protection—with detailed but concise examination and analysis of such issues and topics as the following and much more:. The authors provide an extensive explication of each primary statute and also examine significant case law, in the course of their analysis. This book succinctly, accurately, and thoroughly summarizes intellectual property law, a dynamic field, in the United States.

Canada's Intellectual Property Law in a Nutshell, Third Edition

This guide explores what copyright is, the process for registering copyrights in Canada and the benefits of registration. This electronic version of the guide is the official version.

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The law library has many treatises available in print and electronically on patent law. Below is a select list of treatises:. The library has a number of study aids that provide a good overview of the subject and help students prepare for courses on patent law. The following is a select list of resources that provide information on patent applications and prosecution, patent licensing, and patent litigation and practice. The following is a select list of databases containing journal articles on science and technology.

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Michael H. Miller , New York University. It has been said, with respect to tort law that anyone can recognize a punch in the nose. Unlike a punch in the nose, "Patents and copyrights approach, nearer than any other class of cases belonging to forensic discussion to what may be called the metaphysics of the law, where the distinctions are, or at least may be, very subtle and refined, and, sometimes, almost evanescent. Further, it addresses torts and property; antitrust and government regulation; concepts of federalism and state and federal conflicts. The text provides the scope and highlights you need to excel in understanding this field.

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