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picture perception and description test pdf

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Read this story and make your own story for successful clear the SSB interview. You are given 30 seconds to view picture. With in next one minute, you have to fill a ractangular box and action of the story.

As it is a self-explanatory word, In this, a candidate needs to write a story based on a picture shown to him and later discuss it with other candidates. If you want to be good with your narration and discussion, you need to write a good and reliable story before that.

Picture Perception and Discussion Test. The second test involves writing of a story on one given picture As in TAT , narrating the same individually and finally a Group Discussion where in the candidates Between 15 to 20 after hearing each others story are required to discuss and formulate one common story. The time for discussion is about minutes. Writing, narration and discussion have to be done in English.

Picture Perception Test

PPDT pictures are sometimes hazy and it has only one picture, PPDT picture story need action and identification of number of characters, their mood and age. In case of TAT, which has around 11 picture including on blank picture, candidates are required to write the story only. Though most the pictures are not exactly the same but with matching theme. What is PPDT? PPDT stands for picture perception and discussion test , as the name suggests, you need to write a story on the picture shown, narrate it and then discuss among group members to make a common story. What is TAT? It is the most effective way of getting the personality of a person.

What is PPDT? How to perform in PPDT? Assume that you have seen the picture above during story writing, it will be displayed till 30 secs and then 1 min for noting down a few details. Assumptions may vary from person to person, but try to assume practical and logical, if you find the character as a female, then write it as a female but male. Your Story : Once you are done with the above, you will get 4 mins to write the story, keep your story relevant to the picture and characters mentioned by you. This part of screening which can make most of us nervous, as a matter of fact, individual narration and group discussion decides whether you stay for the day or screened out.

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Picture Perception & Discussion Test (PPDT) 2020

I'm Deepak Tomar. I have completed my M. Tech in Computer Science and now i am working as a Govt. Employee in UP Police, I Love to help others and making friends, you can connect to me on facebook for any help- I will be happy to help you. I would like to share one story about the same picture. Kindly check and give some reviews! Sunny is an scientist at ISRO.

Here you will know about PPDT, how to write stories and tips for narration. Day 1 of the SSB Interview is one of the most important days in the SSB, as it determines whether or not you will stay for the further process. So today we will be providing you with all the relevant information on what is PPDT and tips on how to clear it. It will help all the students who are going to appear SSB interview fresher for the first time as well as those who have been to SSB interview earlier repeater. In this test, the candidates are shown a blurred picture for a period of 30 seconds.

50 PPDT and TAT Original Pictures

Check out Picture Perception and Description Test picture shown at Allahabad selection board as described by the candidates who have attended the SSB interview recently. This image was created using the inputs from candidates who have attended the interview recently. We have tried to show a picture which closely relate to the picture that has been showed in PPDT of Allahabad board recently on 20th January In the picture there was an old man with a long beard and a woman reading the news paper. Picture was not that clear.

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10 PPDT Pictures with Stories

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Recent PPDT picture of NDA 132 SSB interview shown at Allahabad

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