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countries involved in illicit trade of small arms and light weapons pdf

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The widespread proliferation of approximately 1 billion small arms in circulation around the world — to terrorists, parties to intra-State conflict, organized criminals and warring gangs — continues to pose a major threat around the globe, the senior United Nations disarmament official told the Security Council today.

Small arms and light weapons (SALW)

Security is crucial for development. The proliferation of illegal small arms hinders economic and social development and plays a major role in the violent escalation of conflicts, especially in urban areas. It impedes investment and eats up resources for private security measures — not to mention the immediate consequences for those affected. The control of small arms is therefore a flanking measure for German development cooperation. In many parts of the world, small arms can be acquired by civilians relatively easily and cheaply, either legally or, more usually, illegally.

Border controls are an important dimension of the international efforts to combat the uncontrolled proliferation of small arms and light weapons SALW and their ammunition. Indeed, even if their relevance sometimes seems to be challenged by some changes such as new technologies and globalization , borders remain the most visible sign of the sovereignty of a State on its territory. Because these aspects have an impact on the demand in arms, the intensity and the direction of the traffics between neighbouring countries, they deserve particular attention in the efforts to strengthen border monitoring and control at checkpoints. For an effective border management several challenges must be highlighted. First, the flow of illicit SALW must be considered a separate issue when conceiving and organising the management. Second, controls at checkpoints must be optimised by clarifying the role of the agencies involved in border management and their human and technical needs according to realities on the ground. Controls at checkpoints must be reinforced by a careful and coordinated monitoring along the border.

Managing Land Borders and the Trafficking of Small Arms and Light Weapons

The small arms trade also called Small arms proliferation [1] and the small arms market is the markets of both authorized and illicit small arms and light weapons SALW , as well as their parts, accessories, and ammunition. The arms trade , or small arms market, includes both authorized transfers of small arms and light weapons and their parts, accessories, and bullets and illicit transfers of such weapons. Small arms and light arms are those that can be transported by one or two people, or carried by pack animal or vehicles, ranging from firearms like pistols and light machine guns to man-portable air-defense systems MPADS , mortars , and rocket-propelled grenades RPGs. In terms of actions that are illicit, this trade involves the illegal trafficking of small arms and the exchange of money and drugs for small arms, which are all commodities that cross borders around the globe. These weapons are not only the choice for a majority of regional conflicts today, but also for many terrorist groups operating around the world. Black market illegal transfers violate either national or international law and take place without official government authorization. Gray market transfers are those of unclear legality that do not belong in either of the other categories.

Small arms and light weapons are an enormous problem. They kill over , people every year, cause injury to over , people and affect millions indirectly through the dislocation of communities and destruction of livelihoods. This official UK policy briefing summarises the damage caused by small arms and light weapons and outlines current UK initiatives to combat the problem. There are an estimated million small arms and light weapons: One for every 10 people on the planet. Small arms and light weapons are also cheap, durable, robust, easy to manufacture and copy and have a long lifespan. It is difficult to achieve effective controls: The manufacture and trade of small arms and light weapons is decentralised, and illicit transfers are believed to account for a significant proportion of the global trade—a market which is thought to be worth over one billion dollars annually. The proliferation of small arms and light weapons also has serious development costs: Post-conflict reconstruction and political, social and economic development are undermined, as are the security and stability of the country or region.

Download this fact sheet as a two-page PDF. What are small arms and light weapons SALW? Typically, small arms include items such as hand guns, pistols, rifles, sub-machine guns, mortars, grenades, and light missiles. Light weapons include heavy machine guns, mounted grenade launchers, portable anti-aircraft guns, anti-tank guns, and portable launchers of anti-tank missile. It is crucial to note that small arms and light weapons SALW are inextricably linked to ammunition: without the latter, the former could not function.

Small Arms and Light Weapons: a UK Policy Briefing

The support of IM Sweden made this paper possible. It includes suggested follow-up actions, primarily focused on analysts, activists, and diplomats. This paper answers this question. This document highlights the main outcomes of the United Nations conference held in June to review action to prevent the illicit trade in small arms and light weapons. The thematic summaries in this document makes it easier for officials and other stakeholders to quickly pinpoint the key commitments made at the conference by the participating States.

Small arms and light weapons (SALW)

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Small arms trade

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