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We are glad to share the complete list of presidents of the Philippines and their achievements and contributions.

Basahin sa Filipino. On November 15, , the Filipino people took the penultimate step to independence with the inauguration of the Commonwealth of the Philippines.

This article explains why the Philippines continues to be a weak state and that the prospects for building a stronger, sustainable state are dim under the current political system. Philippine elections are won through a mix of popularity, populism and money politics. The extraordinary power of the president and the ministers makes it possible to repay and buy the loyalty of the financial and political oligarchy by giving away jobs within the bureaucracy.

Presidents of the Philippines and their Achievements and Contributions

Since independence in and the ratification of the Philippine Constitution in the First Republic, there have been 15 presidents. Starting with General Emilio Aguinaldo all the way to current president Benigno Aquino, this article details each president's particular contributions and achievements while in office. One way to remember the first president of the Philippines First Republic is to look at the five peso coin.

Emilio Aguinaldo's face used to grace the five peso bill which is not used anymore. The back of the bill shows him holding the Philippine flag at the celebration of the Philippine Independence Day. He died of tuberculosis in Saranac Lake, New York. Laurel's presidency is controversial. Criticized as a traitor by some, his indictment for treason was superseded later by an amnesty proclamation in During his presidency, the Philippines joined the International Monetary Fund.

Manuel Roxas was the fifth president of the Philippines: the third and last president under the Commonwealth, and the first president of the Third Republic of the Philippines. He held office for only one year, 10 months, and 18 days. Elpidio Quirino served as vice president under Manuel Roxas. When Roxas died in , Quirino became president. Ramon Magsaysay was born in Iba, Zambales.

He was a military governor and an engineer. He died in an aircraft disaster while boarding the presidential plane. A lawyer, poet, and teacher, Carlos P.

Garcia also served as a guerrilla leader during the Pacific War. Born in Bohol, Garcia serviced as vice president under Ramon Magsaysay and as secretary of Foreign Affairs for four years. He became president when Magsaysay died in Born in Lubao, Pampanga, Diosdado Macapagal was a lawyer and professor. His daughter Gloria Macapagal Arroyo was the 14 th, and second female, president of the Philippines. He was president for 21 years.

He ruled under martial law and his dictatorship was known for its corruption and brutality. Marcos was removed from office after the People Power Revolution. The first woman president of the Philippines and the first woman to become president of an Asian country, Corazon Aquino was born in Paniqui, Tarlac.

She was a prominent figure in the People Power Revolution that brought down Ferdinand Marcos' dictatorship. Her husband, Benigno Aquino Jr. He was assassinated while Marcos was still in power. Fidel V. Ramos was the chief-of-staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines before he became president. He was also a civil engineer. As president, he restored economic growth and stability in the country, even during the Asian Financial Crisis in He is the first, and so far the only, non-Catholic president of the Philippines.

Known as Erap, Joseph Estrada was the first president who had been a famous film actor. His presidency was controversial. During his years in office economic growth was slow and he faced impeachment proceedings. He was ousted from the presidency in He was later convicted of stealing from the government but was pardoned.

He ran unsuccessfully for president in Gloria Macapagal Arroyo was the 14 th, president of the Philippines and the second female president. The Oakwood Mutiny occurred during her term. Arroyo oversaw road and infrastructure improvements and higher economic growth that presidents before her, but there was also controversy. The so-called "Hello Garci" controversy involved recordings that allegedly captured Arroyo ordering the rigging of the election that put her in office.

In Arroyo faced impeachment proceedings related to the recordings but the impeachment failed. After she had left office Arroyo faced additional charges of election fraud and misuse of state funds. He is the first president who is a bachelor; he is unmarried and has no children. In my opinion, the Philippine economy was stronger when Filipinos believed in and trusted their leaders. Many ex-presidents were lawyers or professors and citizens found them to be trustworthy.

Those presidents were able to keep the economy strong even in the midst of financial crisis in the rest of the world. The Philippine economy began to suffer when people lost trust in their leaders and began to rally. Here is what I think: We need great leaders, but what we really need right now are great followers.

Bring back the Filipinos who used to respect and honor their commander-in-chief in spite of bad publicity. Bring back the good vibes. When the people feel positive, the stock market and the peso rise, investors become interested, jobs open up, and Filipinos are happy. This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. Some weirdo that updated this article confused Diosdado Macapagal with his daughter, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo on who's in the peso bill.

How do you mess that up? Bakit wala yong mga achievement ni Marcos na "One of the famous dictator leaders in the world". Napakabias naman pag dating kay President Marcos. Tapos pag post kay cory parang pinagbibintangan pa na si Marcos ung nagpa-assassinate eh kamag anak naman ni kuring nagpapatay dyan. Hmm, it's interesting that former President Jose P.

Laurel got 0 maybe because his administration was a puppet government ; same thing with former President Elpidio R. Quirino maybe because of his gintong arinola issue ; and former President Sergio S. Thanks for uploading. Why do so many people say Marcos is "best"? He is corrupt,killed many,and declared martial law on us. This is only my opinion, no offence. No Duterte? I need it for my project. But i understand because his term is not finished yet so Yeah.

I voted for GMA. She is brilliant and an economist. She is not into popularity. She was a working President in her times. Declaration of martial law in the Philippines during Marcos administration was not the first one. Just saying. This is what Marcos did in 20 years.

That's kinda slim for 20 years. It is very interesting reading this article, and highly informative. I also think it is in general, quite objective. However, I just want to point out, you said "Marcos built more schools, roads, bridges, hospitals, and other infrastructure than all former presidents combined".

He also had 20 years in power to do that, far more time that other presidents who were in power for four years and later, six years except GMA who had 9 years. I'm the great grandson of elpidio Quirino I am just putting it out there, Marcos made our country very corrupt and I definitely think there are so much more better presidents than him.

I mean he was the most corrupt president ever. I'm not saying my lolo is the best but I'm sure y'all know he is definitely better than Marcos. He is the one that idolized President even though there is so many against to him But honestly my Great GrandMother told me everything why he declared martial law that's why i voted him.

Intersting and informative however, it perhaps a more robust or thorough research can be made to list down notable or significant contributions and achievements of each President. This is just my opinion, I am no expert, but I still commend how well this was written and published. Im glad that Philippines experienced the presidency ruling of Ferdinand Marcos even the big critics he encountered during his term. Because of him great projects he had made in which we are still using today.

Yeah Marcos all the way! I hope Duterte can bring back the way Marcos disciplined his countrymen. Thank you so much for making this page im so happy for the author : It helped me get so much information just perfect for our project. Once again thank you :. I mean the one upload this article.. I love this..

Complete List of Presidents of the Philippines – Achievements and Contributions

The Third Republic of the Philippines was inaugurated on July 4, Congress pledged independence for the Philippines once Filipinos have proven their capability for self-government and the Philippine Independence Act of popularly known as Tydings-McDuffie which put in place a ten-year transition period during which the Philippines had Commonwealth status. The Third Republic also marked the recognition by the global community of nations, of the nationhood of the Philippines—a process that began when the Commonwealth of the Philippines joined the Anti-Axis Alliance known as the United Nations on June 14, , receiving recognition as an Allied nation even before independence. Thus, the inauguration of the Third Republic marked the fulfillment of the long struggle for independence that began with the Philippine Revolution on August 23, recent scholarship suggests, on August 24 and which was formalized on June 12, with the Proclamation of Philippine Independence at Kawit, Cavite. From to , Independence Day was celebrated on July 4. In , Congress passed Republic Act No.

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This is a list of the current and former Philippine Presidents by previous Executive Experience before they became President of the Philippines. Executive experience is defined as having been something to where one is the top decision maker in a company, a regional constituency, a military unit, or something alike. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article. Presidents of the Philippines.

Sergio Osmeña was the second president of the Commonwealth. During his presidency, the Philippines joined the International Monetary Fund. Contributions​.

List of presidents of the Philippines by previous executive experience

Since independence in and the ratification of the Philippine Constitution in the First Republic, there have been 15 presidents. Starting with General Emilio Aguinaldo all the way to current president Benigno Aquino, this article details each president's particular contributions and achievements while in office. One way to remember the first president of the Philippines First Republic is to look at the five peso coin.

Under the present Constitution of the Philippines , the president of the Philippines Filipino : Pangulo ng Pilipinas is both the head of state and the head of government , and serves as the commander-in-chief of the country's armed forces. Any person who has served as president for more than six years is barred from running for the position again. Upon an incumbent president's death, permanent disability, resignation, or removal from office, the vice president assumes the post. Prior to the presidential governance, the Philippines was governed by a succession of Spanish military generals during colonization of Spain.

The following is a list of firsts attained by various Presidents of the Philippines. Distinctions were achieved while at office unless otherwise stated. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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List of presidents of the Philippines by previous executive experience

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local Muslim ruler, the Spanish set up their capital at Manila in , and they named their new January 21, , and inaugurated Aguinaldo as president of the new republic two days environmental concerns contributed to the decline.

The failure of the Philippine presidential system

1. Emilio Aguinaldo 1899-1901

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