Information Technology And Sustained Competitive Advantage A Resource Based Analysis Pdf

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information technology and sustained competitive advantage a resource based analysis pdf

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Resource Based View

RBV is an approach to achieving competitive advantage that emerged in s and s , after the major works published by Wernerfelt, B. The supporters of this view argue that organizations should look inside the company to find the sources of competitive advantage instead of looking at competitive environment for it. According to RBV proponents, it is much more feasible to exploit external opportunities using existing resources in a new way rather than trying to acquire new skills for each different opportunity. In RBV model, resources are given the major role in helping companies to achieve higher organizational performance. There are two types of resources: tangible and intangible. Tangible assets are physical things.

In this article we present an alternative approach to assessing competitive advantages of a firm and operationalizing the resource-based view RBV of the firm in the context of strategic outsourcing. When resource bundles are viewed in the form of activities, they become easier to observe, identify, understand and measure, thus activities can be used to operationalize bundles of resources and capabilities when empirically testing the RBV. We propose a conceptual model and present several propositions for subsequent empirical testing of the RBV. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF.

Jay Barney

The resource-based view RBV argues that firms possess resources, a subset of which enable them to achieve competitive advantage, and a subset of those that lead to superior long-term performance. Resources that are valuable and rare can lead to the creation of competitive advantage. That advantage can be sustained over longer time periods to the extent that the firm is able to protect against resource imitation, transfer, or substitution. In general, empirical studies using the theory have strongly supported the resource-based view. Barney, J. Mahoney, J. Pandian

Resources, Activities and Competitive Advantage: Application to Outsourcing

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Jay B. Barney is an American professor in strategic management at the University of Utah , [1] best known for his contributions to the resource-based theory of competitive advantage. By , he had created a special joint Ph.

Management of Information Technology for Competitive Advantage: A Savvy Case Study

Resource-based view of the firm

It is well grounded in industrial economics and has benefited in its development from a multiplicity of contributions by management writers. But like any developing body of knowledge, it is not short of confusion, ambiguity and conceptual and empirical difficulties. It provides a detailed insight into the logic of the RBV and illuminates its contributions to the debate on the nature of competitive advantage. Fahy, J. Report bugs here.

This research deepens into the temporal dimension of bankruptcy, and explores whether IT resources affect the expected lifetime of a firm. Drawing on the resource-based view of the firm, we design and adjust a Cox regression. We found evidence that the average lifetime and the odds of surviving beyond any arbitrary time t are modified by the availability and the pattern of use of marketing-oriented IT resources, by IT management experience, and by the ability to deploy internal and external collaboration strategies. The results are robust when considering the industry and the financial situation of each company. Full text available only in PDF format. Abdelkader, B.

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Management of Information Technology for Competitive Advantage: A Savvy Case Study

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