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humorous texts a semantic and pragmatic analysis pdf

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Humour is one of the most amazing characteristics that defines us as human beings and social entities. Its study supposes a deep insight into several areas such as linguistics, psychology or philosophy.

This research attempts to shed light on the possible ways which humour could be used to improve the negotiation process in conflictual settings. Negotiators were observed for their use of humour in simulated negotiation scenarios, and a relationship has been observed between humour and laughter, and the structure of the negotiations. The structural and functional implications of humour observed and discussed in this research illustrate the potential for humour in negotiation processes at large. This is a preview of subscription content, access via your institution. Rent this article via DeepDyve.

Humour in Negotiations: A Pragmatic Analysis of Humour in Simulated Negotiations

This research is categorized as descriptive linguistic research. Observation method applied in data collection, while the method of distribution and matching applied in analyzing data. The results of this research data analysis is presented using informal and formal methods. From the results of data analysis found 14 strategy joke uttered by characters in a situational comedy American HIMYM, namely: ambiguity, grammar, syllabics, idiomatics , questionable English, antonymics , style, negativism, lexicography, spelling, punctuation, Rhyming English, numerical English And part of speech. The dominant strategy used is ambiguity because there are many words in English that mean more than one and are likely to lead the listener to multiple interpretations.

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Humorous texts: a pragmatic analysis of Lubukusu Jokes

This work is a semantic pragmatic study of English jokes, which entails a multi-disciplinary both linguistic and paralinguistic analysis of selected English jokes. The study is an attempt to highlight the linguistic competence and the cognitive competence that underlie a good English joke. More often than not, there is more to jokes than mere humour and laughter. This paper tries to bring together language, cognition, and humour relying heavily on studies on the kinds of humorous phenomena which philosophers and linguists have already discussed. It is mainly concerned with unfolding the meaning construction and meaning conception aspects both the principles and techniques involved in English jokes, which could, at least partially, account for creativity, sense of humour, and wit within a cognitive semantic and pragmatic framework. It is hypothesized here that jokes represented by the data collected in this study are reflective of many of the mental abilities linguistic and otherwise unique to the human mind with respect to meaning construction and meaning conception.

Request PDF | Humorous Texts: A Semantic and Pragmatic Analysis | This book presents a theory of long humorous texts based on a revision.

A Semantic Pragmatic Study of English Jokes

The therapeutic effect of laughter is somehow paradoxical and mysterious. As an antidote for psychological stress and problems, laughter, is derived from various sources of human interaction and mediums. One laughs very much when watching a comedian delivering punch lines in a comedy bar. Everyone acts and experience such kind of deliverance, a releasing strategy against stress and to have healthy lifestyle. However, the point of which one moves to laugh is because of one who can deliver and create humorous scenarios.

A Semantic Pragmatic Study of English Jokes

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The Impact of Semantic and Morphosyntactic Ambiguity on Automatic Humour Recognition


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