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a treatise on electricity and magnetism volume 2 pdf

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A treatise on electricity and magnetism

Part III. Chapter II. Chapter III. Chapter IV. Induced Magnetization. Chapter V. Magnetic Problems. Chapter VI. Weber's Theory of Magnetic Induction. Chapter VII.

Magnetic Measurements. Chapter VIII. Terrestial Magnetism. Part IV. Chapter I. Electromagnetic Force. Page The space near an electric current is a magnetic field Action of a vertical current on a magnet Proof that the force due to a straight current of indefinitely great length varies inversely as the distance Electromagnetic measure of the current Mutual Action of Electric Currents.

Induction of Electric Currents.. Induction of a Current on Itself.. General Equations of Dynamics. Application of Dynamics to Electromagnetism. Exploration of the Field by Means of the Secondary Circuit. Chapter IX. General Equations.. Chapter X. Dimensions of Electric Units. Chapter XI. Energy and Stress. Chapter XII. Chapter XIII. Parallel Currents. Chapter XIV. Circular Currents.

Chapter XV. Electromagnetic Instruments. Chapter XVI. Electromagnetic Observations. Chapter XVII. Electrical Measurement of Coefficients of Induction. Determination of Resistance in Electromagnetic Measure. Chapter XIX. Comparison of Electrostatic with Electromagnetic Units. Chapter XX. Electromagnetic Theory of Light. Chapter XXI. Magnetic Action on Light. Chapter XXII. Electric Theory of Magnetism. Theories of Action at a Distance.

Category : Index Not-Proofread. Namespaces Index Discussion. Views Read Edit View history. Title A Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism. James Clerk Maxwell.

To be proofread. Elementary Theory of Magnetism. Properties of a magnet when acted on by the earth. Potential of a magnet of finite size. Two expressions for this potential, corresponding respectively to the theory of polarization, and to that of magnetic 'matter'.

The north end of a magnet in this treatise is that which points north, and the south end that which points south. Boreal magnetism is that which is supposed to exist near the north pole of the earth and the south end of a magnet. Austral magnetism is that which belongs to the south pole of the earth and the north end of a magnet.

Austral magnetism is considered positive. The direction of magnetic force is that in which austral magnetism tends to move, that is, from south to north, and this is the positive direction of magnetic lines of force. A magnet is said to be magnetized from its south end towards its north end. Magnetic force in a cylindric cavity in a magnet uniformly magnetized parallel to the axis of the cylinder. The potential of a magnetic shell at any point is the product of its strength multiplied by the solid angle its boundary subtends at the point.

When a body under the action of magnetic force becomes itself magnetized the phenomenon is called magnetic induction. Case of a solid sphere, the coefficients of magnetization being different in different directions. Magnetic bodies tend towards places of most intense magnetic force, and diamagnetic bodies tend to places of weakest force.

Determination of the axis of a magnet and of the direction of the horizontal component of the magnetic force. Measurement of the moment of a magnet and of the intensity of the horizontal component of magnetic force. Definition of the earth's magnetic poles. They are not at the extremities of the magnetic axis.

False poles. They do not exist on the earth s surface. Proof that the force due to a straight current of indefinitely great length varies inversely as the distance. The action of this current compared with that of a magnetic shell having an infinite straight edge and extending on one side of this edge to infinity.

Deduction from this of the action of a closed circuit of any form and size on any point not in the current itself. The wire is urged from the side on which its magnetic action strengthens the magnetic force and towards the side on which it opposes it. Electromagnetic force is a mechanical force acting on the conductor, not on the electric current itself. Second experiment. A crooked conductor is equivalent to a straight one carrying the same current.

Third experiment. The action of a closed current as an element of another current is perpendicular to that element. Both circuits may, however, for mathematical purposes be conceived as consisting of elementary portions, and the action of the circuits as the resultant of the action of these elements.

Resolution of these in three directions, parallel, respectively, to the line joining them and to the elements themselves. Expression of the determinants in terms of the components of the vector-potential of the current. The part of the force which is indeterminate can be expressed as the space-variation of a potential. Helmholtz's deduction of induction from the mechanical action of currents by the principle of conservation of energy.

Lagrange's method furnishes appropriate ideas for the study of the higher dynamical sciences. The part depending on products of ordinary velocities and strengths of currents does not exist. If terms involving products of velocities and currents existed they would introduce electromotive forces, which are not observed. All the phenomena of the mutual action of two circuits depend on a single quantity, the potential of the two circuits.

A treatise on electricity and magnetism

Account Options Entrar. A Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism , Volume 2. James Clerk Maxwell. Magnetic force in a cylindric cavity in a magnet uniformly. Another method of proof. Solid angle found by two lineintegrations. Magnetic induction in different substances.

A treatise on electricity and magnetism : Maxwell, James. Book Condition: New. Language: English Brand New Book. Maxwell is without a peer this printing is an opportunity to become thoroughly. A treatise on electricity and magnetism by Maxwell, James Clerk, Publication date Topics Vol.

A Treatise On Electricity And Magnetism Vol 2

A Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism is a two-volume treatise on electromagnetism written by James Clerk Maxwell in Maxwell was revising the Treatise for a second edition when he died in The revision was completed by William Davidson Niven for publication in A third edition was prepared by J. Thomson for publication in

Part III. Chapter II. Chapter III.

David Tong: Lectures on Electromagnetism

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