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advantages and disadvantages of intranet and extranet pdf

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Intranet is kind of computer network which is used by the businesses to work effectively and efficiently by using the internet protocols.

Your email address will not be published. Advantages of Intranet There are number of advantages of intranet discussed below Intranets offering workforce productivity which can help user to find and observe information very fast. User may also use applications according to their roles and tasks. Through web browser a user can get access to entire contents of any website from anywhere or any time. Intranet permits business companies to share out information to employees according to their need or requirements.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Intranet for Businesses

The intranet is a computer-based network devised so that people can easily and efficiently distribute data and information among colleagues Internet facilities. LS Intranet has advantages like it enables users to share diverse kinds of data, transmit files and creates a corporate information repository for all authorized users to access. It functions using a web server with a single client — the web browser— and the server may be may be arranged on a LAN and can even be connected over a WAN. This advantage of Intranet allows your workers to be kept up-to-date and also it creates a dynamic and unique work environment for your employees. With Intranet, you can send files to you colleagues in the other department with just one click of a button. Files can be uploaded, downloaded, emailed or put on a notice board in a matter of seconds. The intranet advantage is that you can even authorize certain people to have access to only certain files so that information remain prices are classified in cases where such organization is needed.

What are the difference between Internet, intranet, and extranet

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Intranet is a software solution used to share company information and resources among employees. In addition, intranets are used to facilitate In addition, intranets are used to facilitate working in groups and to improve the overall internal communications efforts and strengthen core company values. Intranet is intended only for organization and its employees, and it is often heavily protected from unauthorized access, as it should be. Over the last two decades intranet became a popular way of sharing information and communicating more effectively. Intranet network can provide users with many different functionalities such as centralized document repository, custom forms and social networking tools. Even though intranet connects different parts of a business and enables employees to share information, more advanced solutions have evolved.

Benefits of intranets and extranets

Effective communication, both internally with your staff and externally with your partners and customers, is a key requirement in today's business environment. An intranet is a private - internal - business network that enables your employees to share information, collaborate, and improve their communications. An extranet enables your business to communicate and collaborate more effectively with selected business partners, suppliers and customers. An extranet can play an important role in improving business relationships and supply chain management. This guide looks at the potential benefits of intranet and the benefits of extranet to your business.

The rise of the personal computer and of electronic networking vastly expanded the scope of possibilities open to innovative, productivity-minded businesses. Computer networks offer everything from new forms of communication to whole new markets. Learn more about how these networks differ and see some internet, intranet and extranet examples and uses. Intranets connect anywhere from dozens to thousands of people.

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