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Workforce localization WL has become an issue of increasing importance in the Arab Gulf region, a key emerging market, where, in many cases, local citizens are the minority in terms of population, and compete with high numbers of expatriate employees for jobs and positions.

Challenges in Recruitment and Selection Process: An Empirical Study

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However, as the Covid coronavirus went from an outbreak to a full-on global pandemic. The general public is confined to their homes and this spells trouble for businesses and institutions across all sectors. Employment rates which hit historic highs at the end of have taken a dip, and many companies are considering halting their hiring process until the situation improves. Rather than panic or chalk recruitment and employment up as failed ventures, employers should be considering ways to ensure that their offices and prospective employees are safe from the Covid threat. There are 3 points that employers and candidates should consider:. Yes, a worldwide outbreak is a good enough reason to hesitate.

Social Media in Employee Selection and Recruitment

Next to remaining profitable, hiring talented, dedicated people is arguably the most important thing you can do for your small business to ensure its prosperity. This is a number that can make you shudder, especially if you multiply it times the number of employees you need to operate your business. In other words, most small-business owners extend at least one job offer they wish they could take back. These experiences can supply great lessons, though, as can learning about current problems in the recruitment and selection process shared by other small-business owners. It may be hard to rationalize such bad behavior, but human resource professionals say it could be candidates' way of paying employers back for their indifference during the recession. Jobs were so scarce that companies often received hundreds of applications for a single job, but many failed to acknowledge the time candidates took to apply.

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Whenever you get a new job, it can be easy to get lost in the new paperwork thrown your way. With agreements, offer sheets, company statements, etc. One of the most important forms that is filled out on the employee side is There are a number of reasons why you, as a hiring manager or HR manager, should strive to possess the characteristics, traits, or qualities of a good interviewer. And employer

PDF | Today's knowledge economy very much depends on the value created by the human resource of an organisation. In such a highly.

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It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. Its balanced approach explains why and how social media are commonly used in both employee recruitment and selection, exploring relevant theoretical constructs and practical considerations about their appropriateness and validity.

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Problems in Recruitment & Selection

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